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The internet is full of amazing things to explore; among them, hilarious memes and savage sarcastic responses are our favourites. Being savage is something not everyone can accomplish; people try to be clever and witty, but honestly it doesn't illicit the reaction that they'd expect.

Yet, there are some people and accounts out there who have nailed the savage game and if you have been looking for one, Mumbai Police is a must follow.

Police in Mumbai is much appreciated, their arduous efforts and their alertness is much applauded by the residents. But the younger generation and the internet-acute people might know Mumbai Police for having one of the most hilarious and savage twitter handles in the country and we're forever grateful for the gems they dole out.

If you've been unaware of the cleverness that is Mumbai Police's twitter or if you're looking to find those hidden gems, here's our top 10. Enjoy.

1. When they used a quote from Kabir Singh to summarize every drunk conversation we've ever had

And they also gave the most reasonable and logical response to the unreasonable question. Let's be honest, we've all had to deal with a similar situation and had to navigate our way out of it!

2. When they gave a 'Game of Thrones' inspired answer to drug abuse

Jon Snow's "I don't want it" is by far one of the most loved memes from the series and we have to say, this one has a special place in all our GOT mongering hearts. Plus, it is also the best response to drugs, junk food and everything else that could harm you.

3. When they summarized every girl's frustration with just one tweet

Every female on the internet has to go through creeps, idiots and people who don't have a filter. We know the pain of blocking, ignoring and often clapping back on these people, and Mumbai Police very artfully summarized our pain in the tweet.

4. When they had a Sheldon Cooper like response to 'Fake News'

Fake News is something we have to tackle on a daily basis. Some news are crafted well enough to incite an outrage but some so poorly disguised that you can look right through the facade. This tweet from Mumbai Police is the best way to respond to fake news and we're definitely saving this right now! Here's a bonus "MC Share" for the fake news mongers-

5. When they had the best description to our frustration with people who park wrong

Who isn't aware of the frustration we have to deal with when someone parks wrong and we're left in a situation where we don't even know how to get inside the car? This image with a bloody John Abraham is exactly how we feel when we find our car stuck after a long day at office.

6. When they made all women in Mumbai feel safe from overexcited troublemakers

We all have encountered the drunk friend or pados ke uncle, who tries to get a little bit too in our faces with their "Bura na mano Holi hai" chant. People try to justify aggravating behaviour with the chant and Mumbai Police had just the clapback: "Bura Na Mano Safety Hai".

*Feel the kind of comfort one feels after sipping on the first few gulps of tea.

7. When they jumped on the "Tea" bandwagon and reminded us which 'Tea' is the most important

SafeTea before any other tea! The best part about the tweet is that a "Shweta" replied to it saying that she definitely would befriend Mumbai Police.

8. When they knew just the right thing to say to all the MCU fans

Who can forget Tony Stark completing his character arc, living it all to the full, making a family before saying his final goodbyes to the world. The scene left fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe wiping their eyes and Mumbai Police's tweet made us feel loved all over again. What a beautiful way to remind us of the love they bear for Mumbai. Mumbai Police, Twitter loves you 3000!

8. When they jumped in on yet another meme bandwagon to remind us of road safety

Mumbai Police has one of the greatest social media teams and these people are always on top of their game! As soon as the world started meme-ing Mission Mangal's trailer, Mumbai Police sent a beautiful message via a jest-ful meme.

*Virtual Leonardo appreciation clap*

9. When they reminded people that no matter how "Mature" a bag is, you have to stay away from an unclaimed one

Somehow, we still have to be reminded to stay away from and report unattended property. Yet, Mumbai Police used the overnight sensation catchphrase "Mature Bag" to remind us of the same and we have to say, we won't be able to forget this one in a long, long time.

10. When they schooled us about different Yoga Asanas to make life aasan

While famous people around the world were writing about different asanas you could do for a healthier life, Mumbai Police did something that was hilarious and brilliant at the same time. Want to know more? Just play the video already!

Knock Knock

Kudos to the Mumbai Police social media team! What a wonderful way to educate the internet savvy, meme hungry audience. Like us, if you too are a fan of the savage tweets, go and follow Mumbai Police on Twitter; you'll surely feel safer and much happier.

To Mumbai Police, please keep the sass coming.

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