Amidst the politics, let’s not forget the good previous govts did for Lucknow while we are busy destroying it!

Weekend in Lucknow

Lucknow is no pink city, and it is a fact. However, back in 2011 the Gomti Nagar and Jail Road areas of Lucknow made the city look more stunning than Jaipur itself. The stretch from Airport to Taj was eye catching and adorable, which was made even better with Gomti Riverfront.

Not going into politics of statues and parks, but thousands of pink marbles were installed in Lucknow under the BSP- regime. The development authorities continued using the pink stone in SP regime too and the same marbles were installed at new High Court building and at Old Lucknow’s heritage zone.

Throughout the last 6 years, we shared pictures on social media stating how beautiful our city of adab and tehzeeb is, but we forgot one thing.

We forgot that before the government and municipal corporations could do anything, it is our moral responsibility to keep our surroundings clean. We forgot that it is our responsibility to not throw garbage in parks, fountains and our lifeline- Gomti.

We forgot that our red paan stains would not at all match with the pink color of the stones. We also forgot that walls are meant to guard the parks and make the city look good. However, for us, the walls were meant for promotional purposes and served as a place to stick bills.

Most of the time, it is not ‘us’, the reader of this article, who has thrown garbage openly in wrong places. However, most often, people spit paan in front of us, they throw garbage in front of us and every now and then people do all sort of things which are against this city’s culture, right in front of us. But what do we do in return? Do you stop him/her from doing any wrong activities in city?

Think about the answer, because if you say No, then you are left with nothing but regret that you also committed the same crime.

However, here is your chance to do something good for Lucknow. Like, Share and Comment, let’s discuss what best can we do to get back Lucknow’s ‘recently’ lost glory.

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