After Little Things, Dice Media Brings Another Hilarious Series On Relationships, ‘What The Folks’!

After a hilariously funny take on live-in relationships in Little Things, Dice Media now brings another heartwarmingly funny tale on modern day relationships, ‘What The Folks’. Season 1 of the web series reflects on the relationship with in-laws and the early awkwardness. Marriage is a broad concept and with this comes the responsibility to deal with a heck load of melodrama from your in-laws.

‘What The Folks’ captures every bit of that and more. Nikhil played by Veer Rajwant Singh beautifully encapsulates the essence of every son-in-law’s daily struggle to prove himself a good one. Nikhil is supportive, affable and a little messed up sometimes. Veer’s portrayal of a trying to be a good son-in-law will relate to a lot of youngsters.

The joyride starts right from episode 1 and bridges the generation gap that today’s modern families’ try to overcome. The age difference in marriage, the defying walls of inter communities in love marriage and everything that was once a taboo in the society is now leveling up with families trying to bring up their wards with modern day upbringing.

What The Folks is amazingly written by Ayesha Nair and Anand Bharadwaj and produced by Dice Media of Pocket Aces. The show is crafted by the two-time national award winner Ruchir Anand. The digital entertainment brand’s newest venture after ‘Little things’ is a dramedy, which is supported by veteran film and television actors Vipin Sharma and Deepika Amin.

Vipin Sharma as the father-in law stands out in the series and creates hilarious moments proving his versatility. Other key cast includes Eisha Chopra and Anula Navlekar, who play Nikhil’s wife and sister-in-law respectively.

So this weekend watch this heartwarmingly funny dramedy on the modern relationships with your family.

Watch the trailer here-

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