Knocksense recommends| Liberal Arts: A nostalgic feature film for your thoughtful weekend!

Folks, get a tinge of nostalgia and cherish your college days with ‘Liberal Arts’: A perfect get away for your weekend.

Beautifully penned, directed and acted by Josh Radnor, Liberal Arts speak volumes about transitions from being an ignorant college kid to landing up as an adult in the corporate world.

The whimsical world of campus life, lurking in the corners, living over coffee, sandwiches and good books and getting pushed out of library, deep discussions about new ideas and forgetting them with a blazing hangover is all about that astounding sleep deprived college life that we achingly miss right from the day as we graduate in that black robe.

‘Liberal Arts’ captures the essence of a not-so-happy Jesse Fischer, an admissions officer in New York who is super bored with his life and still considers his college days as the best.

If you are a book eater and survive on rusted paper smells, bookmarks and coffee then you are going to have a soul to soul dialogue with this old school character. The narration portrays some very relatable moments we often find ourselves stuck in with absolutely no solutions.

We are designed to evolve. The poetic society of the millennia has founded this razor sharp excuse of justifying themselves and falling in love with places, moments and things. What it really does is tie one of our legs with deranged, baseless emotions and we somehow forget evolving.

Jesse Fischer returns to his Alma mater for his favourite professor’s farewell and instantly travels back in time where he was just a kid with no survival war and a mad race to win. Just a book pressed under his left arm and all the time in the world. Soon Jesse realizes that his professor, a native New Yorker who has been teaching for 37 years in a county is bitten by the same fear of leaving behind.

Aren’t we all the same, stuck talking in perfect hyperbolas and snuggling in our comfort zones never wanting to leave, forced to like something out of our taste. Never venturing out and acquiring new taste and talk about it with open hearts.

‘Liberal Arts’ presents a subtle yet resplendent irony about the world and the way it is divided into. It derives a sense of leaving and its aftereffects. It lets us sink the fact that it is okay to grow old and it is also okay to still feel like 19 while doing that.

This weekend let your insecurities settle in and give yourself a much needed soulful treat with ‘liberal arts’.

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