Sagittarians are the best people around us and here are 13 reasons which prove it!

All those whose birthday lies between November 22 and December 21, are blessed to be a part of an elite group, known as the Sagittarians. Basically, you can extract all the good from all the other zodiac signs and combine them all to make the personality of a Saggi.

They are highly optimistic, charming and full of life, and therefore make for the best partners. Here are 13 reasons why you must date a Sagittarius, and let them sweep you off the floor:

1. Sagittarians accept you as who you are

They like to see only the good in everyone and do not pay attention to the negatives. If you are around them, do not fake it, because they’ll know and nothing else turns them off more.

2. A Sagittarius loves exploring something new every day

So if you are with one, you know your life is going to be a happening one because both of you will be doing crazy, fun and new things every day.

3. They are extremely witty

The moment you see them making reasonable arguments with their sharp satire, you will immediately fall head over heels in love with them.

4. They are honest and humble

They follow the old adage, honesty is the best policy because they aren’t capable of telling lies. So you never have to worry about your partner lying, if he/she is a Sagittarian.

5. They can instantly catch hold of your lies

This also goes the other way round. You cannot lie to a Sagittarian because they are very good at connecting dots and their sharp memory helps them catch hold of people’s lie. Their intuitive powers are really strong and correct.

6. They are free and do not like being chained

They are not at all clingy and will start disliking you if you act either way.

7. They love to make people happy

They love with all their heart and are warm and generous, that obviously means they will shower you with gifts and surprises, and make you feel special.

8. They are pet lovers

If you love pets, you really should date a Sagittarian because they love animals passionately.

9. They are very social and cheerful people

They like everybody to be happy and work really hard to put a smile on everyone around them. This is also the least selfish sign.

10. Best advice gurus

A Sagittarian holds the power to change your life for good. They are the best people to take advice from, but since they are blunt, you need to be ready to even take down the bitter truth.

11. They are highly adventurous and crazy

The adventure streak in them, makes them the people who refuse to accept the seriousness of life. They work hard to keep things and people they love, by their side.

12. They are risk takers

They love taking risks, because they like choosing the lesser taken or unexplored paths. t

13. Date a Sagittarian, and see your life change for good

Sagittarians are the wildest sun sign and are the god of money and luck.

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Parul Agarwal

Written by Parul Agarwal

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