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In a first, IIT Kanpur to create artificial rain in Lucknow to control pollution!

The authorities have decided to create artificial rain in Lucknow to curb air pollution. The government sought IIT Kanpur’s help in creating artificial rain after Lucknow became the most polluted city in India on Tuesday, i.e. November 14th.

Throughout the week, Lucknow had remained in the list of top 5 most polluted cities in India with Tuesday’s ranking taking us on number 1, and attaining the second spot on Wednesday.

According to the air quality data released by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Air Quality Index (AQI) of 352 was recorded of Lucknow on Friday. It was 42 units more than that of New Delhi.

It will be the first time in Uttar Pradesh when the government will be creating artificial rain. The authorities will require several clearances from Indian Meteorological Department, Environment ministry and Director General of Civil Aviation.

Other steps to check air pollution in Lucknow

The government has banned the burning of garbage in Lucknow. The authorities have also asked the fire brigade to sprinkle water on the roads to settle the dust. On Friday, water was sprinkled in Qaiserbagh, Hazratganj and other parts of old Lucknow.

When we informed Lucknowites about government’s plan to control pollution, here is what a resident of Lalbagh, Amit said, “The government is taking a right move. They should ban metro work in the city for a week, this will also help in settling down the dust in the air.”

Another resident of Indira Nagar, Aniket, said, “It is too late now. Air pollution level is already coming down. Artificial rain might bring down the temperature, which will further create a problem for the people, especially for those who don’t have pukka houses.”