15 reasons why winters in Lucknow are so close to our hearts!

Winters in Lucknow are amazing and apart from culture, food and lifestyle, it is the weather that makes Lucknowites fall in love with our city.

Summers have their own advantages, but there plenty of reasons to love winters more, especially when you are in Lucknow. Winters, bring with them the festive season and a very positive vibe, with a host of other things.

Here is why, winters in Lucknow are so special:

1. Come winters and you will be able to hear the makkhan malai wala outside your homes

Picture credits- Udit Agarwal

Lucknow’s makkhan malai is a class apart, and no other place can match up to it.

2. Winters are an opportunity to show off your leather jackets and boots and set a fashion statement even in layers

3. Winter is absolutely guilt free

Didn’t take a bath? Can’t move out of your bed? Need little more sleep? Well, you can do it all, because it’s winters.

4. Gear up, because winters mark the beginning of wedding season

More food, more get together, more dressing up, more fun!

5. The best time, to enjoy warm drinks and head out to Lucknow’s best cafes and diners, for a warm cozy outing

6. The best season for chai lovers

7. You don’t have to worry about the hot sun before heading out, no extra sweating and tanning!

8. During winters, your digestive system works faster, which obviously means you can eat more without any worry

Do you even need any more reasons to love winters?

9. It is another level of thrill to enjoy ice-creams and cold drinks in winters and remind our friends that it is a must to cure cold.

10. Winters mark the begging of the festive season with Dusshehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and wishes us goodbye with Holi

11. The view on the road changes as the fogs take over

12. Winters become absolutely wonderful with Bonfire and Barbeque plans

13. The perfect time to booze and beat the cold. PS Bira is not available here in Lucknow!

14. Unarguably winters make your days less tiring and keep you energized all day long

15. The perfect time to relish home-made gajar ka halwa, sarso ka saag, moong dal ka halwa, soups, and so many other dishes that celebrate the spirit of winters

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