9 hangout places in Lucknow which will definitely satisfy your Italian craving!

The smell of melted parmesan and the sight of cheese oozing out from a pizza, will instantly awaken your taste buds and make you feel the hunger.

If you are on a lookout for places that offer a delicious Italian meal, look no further, because we bring to you 9 places in Lucknow, which will satisfy your hunger with an elaborate Italian menu:

Vintage Machine

Vintage Machine in Patrakarpuram, is a one stop place for food lovers. Talking about Italian cuisine, this café offers Lasagne for your lunch or dinner and Risotto, which is slow cooked Italian Arborio Rice, in different vegetables. Apart from that their thin crust pizzas and a variety of pastas, are undoubtedly among the best in the city.

Homey’s Cafe

Homey’s Cafe has always been known for its quality and taste. Homey’s has always been the favourite of Lucknowites when it comes to making pasta and pizza in a very Indianised way. If you want to taste something totally different, visit Homey’s in Gomti Nagar.

Free Spirit Cafe

Try the white sauce pasta at Free Spirit and be ready to experience a rich creamy taste, which will make you want to come back to this place again and again. Garlic Bread here, is spiced up with Jalepeno cheese toast, and is available in many other options like corn cheese, paneer cheese and chicken cheese, apart from the regular cheese garlic bread.

Unplugged Cafe

This musical cafe offers a variety of Italian food. The delicious Garlic Bread with super soft cheesy crust and the classic pan pizza is the best offering by Unplugged. The Italian offerings can be enjoyed alongside your favourite thick shakes.

Cappuccino Blast

Everything at Cappi, is worth the hype, from a basic iced-tea to Orignal Falafel, everything can rightly be called perfect. So when it comes to Italian, there is no way, Cappi fails to impress you! Chicken Lasagna, Fettuccini Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognaise, there is so much t

Cafe Mocha

You don’t just get to chose from a wide range of Pastas at Mocha, but can actually create your own Pasta here, by choosing the ingredients yourself. Nothing can beat the taste of a thin crust Pizza, and at Mocha you can enjoy two in the price of one. This place allows you to order half Pizzas, so that way you can enjoy two Pizzas, at the price of the higher one. So, don’t wait, order your Pink Sauce Penne and Paneer Shashlik and Mundu Chilli right away.

Pebbles Bistro

When you are at the city’s most precious café, do try the most famous Italiano Margherita Pizza and Bolognaise, pasta made in traditional minced mutton sauce. A cheesy exotic Bruschetta will add to your Italian experience at Pebbles, a place that offers a beautiful ambiance, both indoor and outdoor. They offer an elaborated menu of Italian dishes to chose from.

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