As not many options are left for readers, its time now for some book cafes to come up in Lucknow

The growth of e-commerce websites selling books has led to the shut-down, or we can say, shrinking of many book-stores across the country. Initially what used to be a quiet place full of books, has now become stores that sell toys, games, clothing, and mobile accessories, shrinking the shelves at one corner. Talking about Lucknow, Universal bookstores, have only been the constant one, to our rescue. It is the only splendid bookstore which has both infrastructure and abundance, and you will rarely return disappointed from the place.

Landmark, was another bookstore that added more spark to reading and offered so many options to choose from. When this place shut in 2012, Lucknowites did miss it. It has been time, the e-commerce websites have taken over the bookstores. But the new trend of book cafes in the metropolitan cities, including the likes of Cha Bar in Delhi, seems to bring back the craze and need of the book stores.

A spacious library, cozy ambiance and good food, is what attracts the book lovers to these places. One can peacefully enjoy reading with a cup of coffee. Lucknow too needs more places like these, because when it comes to premium books, there is hardly any café or store to consider, except of course a few names.

Read here, to find out already existing bookstores in Lucknow.

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