7 reasons which prove that you are soft, sweet and lovable, just like Lucknow’s Makkhan Malai!

Makkhan malai is a sweet winter delicacy that is popular in North India. People from all over the world come to Lucknow to get a taste of this super soft frothy milk product, plenty of which can be finished in the blink of an eye.

1. People hold you in high regards

We all love makkhan malai and give it it’s own position amongst all other sweets. You’ve gotta be a makkhan malai if people wait to talk to you and show you how important you are.

2. Your personality is as soft as a Makkhan malai

If you can easily fit in where ever you go and gel well with people, you probably are a makkhan malai. Soft-spoken, sweet, pleasant, yet witty and intelligent like the malai to add to the taste.

3. People love you

Oh well, there is absolutely no one, who can resist the winter delicacy. If you are a social butterfly and people always want to be around you, you definitely are a makkhan malai. People always make you feel loved and wanted.

4. Winters bring the best in you

We all have our favorites seasons. So if you find yourself happier and more energetic in the cool of winters you are so much like a makkhan malai. Winter brings out the best in you. Everything is positive and vibrant around you.

5. You are high maintenance

Just like nothing can go wrong in the making of makkhan malai, to get the exact taste every time, you are a high maintenance person who just can’t be okay with satisfactory results, it has to be perfect and up to your mark. Maintain your status is very important.

6. Your family is proud of you

You have your own favorite age-old spots, that excel in making the best makkhan malai, and you are proud of them. Makkhan malai that touches the heart of every person who tries it, is a proud thing for its makers, just like you are.

7. You stand out in society 

Despite, Lucknow’s rich food culture, Makkhan malai has achieved a distinction of best winter dessert. Similarly, you also stand out in society.

Cover image by Udit Agarwal

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