Lucknow metro goes green, installs waste composting machine at Transport Nagar metro depot!

Cleanliness is the key to a healthy habitat. Understanding its importance the LMRC has taken another step towards keeping Uttar Pradesh clean and green. On December 6, 2017, LMRC installed a fully automatic waste composting machine inside the Transport Nagar metro depot.

This machine will help convert a lot of dry waste into good quality compost, and will considerably reduce waste. The Transport Nagar metro station has a wide variety of plants and trees, due to which a lot of dry leaves get collected inside the depot every day. Even the kitchen canteen at the depot generates a lot of waste each day. All this can be shoved into the machine to produce compost, which will later be used for productive purposes and vegetation.

This compost machine works on the principle of anaerobic respiration. The waste is broken into smaller parts with the help of small micro-organisms, under optimum temperature and moisture conditions. The waste is mixed continuously inside the machine, and finally yields some good quality compost on the eighth day.

The waste that is being fed to the machine also comprises of tobacco that gets frisked from the commuters on a daily basis. The machine is capable of taking in 100kgs of waste at single time. Lucknow Metro has been recovering good amount of tobacco, which now can be put to some good use.

The machine is surely a good way of managing waste and many more steps like these will help in making the city clean and green.

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