CM Yogi Adityanath inspects a Rain Basera in Lucknow, homeless forced to occupy the shelter!

CM Yogi Adityanath inspects a Rain Basera in Lucknow, homeless forced to occupy the shelter!

This time around, the weather in Lucknow has taken a toll on the authorities as they are unable to provide essential winter necessities in night shelters. On Tuesday, Lucknowites shivered all day as icy winds from Himalayan states kept the temperature below the normal level in the city. The minimum temperature of 6.4°C was recorded here while visibility remained below 500m.

Seeing the reports of chilly winds and poor conditions of Night Shelter, UP CM Yogi Adityanath paid a surprise visit to a shelter for homeless in Lucknow.

The Quint inspects night shelters in Lucknow

A leading online news website, The Quint had a conversation with homeless people in the city and also inspected night shelters. They were surprised to find that fans were running in a night shelter here while other night shelters were still missing the required necessities such as Quilt and Blankets.

Before the CM’s inspection of a night shelter, Nagar Nigam had forcefully filled the night shelter with people from other rain baseras. The conditions of Night Shelters are so bad that almost half of them have vacant beds. Especially the rain basera in Charbagh had almost half of the beds empty while warm blankets were also missing at the time of the inspection.

Knocksense’s take on Night Shelters

It is not the first time that a night shelter is poorly equipped in Lucknow. It is a story which we read in the newspaper every year but hardly anything is being done for the poor. The vacant beds in night shelters and the images of people sleeping on footpaths clearly shows the lack of awareness about the rain baseras.

LMC really needs to make sure that people are aware of the night shelters. They should also provide the homeless with warm clothes and blankets.

As we belong to the privileged class, Knocksense urges you to pay a visit to your nearest night shelter and donate warm clothes and blankets to the needy.