Goa is a beautiful place with stunning natural beauty and a wild party scene. Yet, for some adventurers the pretty white sand beaches and the campfires are never enough. Some people crave abnormal, the extraordinary and for them Goa has a darker side to offer. For those of you who crave a little danger and adventure in their lives, here's a list of 5 places in Goa that are said to be haunted.

Saligao Village

Ironically, the Saligao Village which is famous for its churches is said o be haunted by the spirit of Christalina, a local woman. Is is said that a long time ago, a Portuguese man went missing from the village and was found near a banyan tree, scarred and covered in wounds. When the villagers asked who did this to him, he simply replied that Christalina had taken him. Since then the banyan tree is said to be Christalina's tree.

Janki Bandh

A temporary bridge between Drampur and Navelim- Janki Bandh is said to be haunted by the spirit of little kids. The bridge has been haunted ever since a a gruesome accident took place here. It is said that the bus was full of tiny school kids and met with the accident because of the driver's mistake and all the kids died. Since then people believe that they hear the shrieks and cries of little children near the bridge.

Borim Bridge

The Borim Bridge was built in the Portuguese era and is said to be haunted by a mad Portugese woman. It is said that once three friends met a mad woman there and the bridge is famous to be haunted since. The men said that they saw a young woman running towards the edge of the broken bridge and when the three came closer and tried to stop her, she jumped in the river. What freaked them out was the fact that when she jumped they did not hear any sound or saw any ripples in the water. Shaken by the even that had taken place they decided to head back home.

Once, they reached their place, the man who was sitting in the back seat started crying hysterically and said that the woman was sitting right next to him for the entire journey.


Located between Dhavali and Bori, Baytakhol is a stretch of road that is said to be haunted by an estranged woman. Once, two men travelling along the road, encountered a woman crying on the roadside. On moving a little further they decided to back their car and give the woman a ride, but weren't able to find her. When they got back in the car they both saw the same woman sitting in the backseat staring at them in the rear view mirror. But when they turned around, she was gone. The road is prone to accidents and people often talk of a woman hitchhiker asking for a lift.

Ghost Hotel

Popularly called the Ghost Hotel, this abandoned complex was being constructed by some Russians. But due to some legal issues the complex was never completed. The incomplete hotel lies in ruins today and is surrounded by a jungle, which gives it an eerie, ghostly vibe. People who visit the Agonda beach often complain of hearing suspicious sounds coming from the place. People have also complained of some sort of spirit roaming through the abandoned halls.

Three Kings' Church

The Three Kings’ Church in Casualim village is infamously the most famous haunted place in Goa. The church is named after three scholar-kings who, it is said, went to visit Lord Jesus' birth in Bethlehem. It is popularly believed in Goa that these three Portuguese kings who once ruled the land, were greedy for power, in the hunger, one of them poisoned and killed the other two. When the subjects got to hear about the tyranny they revolted against the king, who after realizing his mistake committed suicide by consuming poison. It is believed that to the day, the spirits of the three kings that are buried under the church, roam around the church and the village.

There you have it, if the adventurer in you is intrigued, the next time you visit Goa check these places out.

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