Lucknow is famous for its ‘shaano-shaukat’, ‘tameez’ and tahzeeb’. But the spooky stories of Lucknow are equally enduring and add to the charm of the City of Nawabs. Here are 7 most haunted places in Lucknow which will surely send chills down your spine!

1. Balrampur Hospital

Built on a graveyard, people here claim to witness paranormal experiences. Patients here have reported hearing sudden cries, sounds of footsteps or knocking at their room doors at nights. You should definitely visit this place if you wish to be treated by ghosts instead of doctors!

2. Begum Kothi

This monument in Lucknow is said to have witnessed the death of 600-700 freedom fighters during the independence struggle. The restless souls of these freedom fighters still haunt the premises of Begum Kothi. Unusual sounds and images have been experienced by many people in this historical monument.

3. OEL House

Presently occupied by the vice chancellor of Lucknow University, OEL house was the formal residence of Wajid Ali Shah. It is believed that many British soldiers were killed here by the Indians and the bodies of the slain were thrown into the well here. Since then ghosts of the dead soldiers haunt the premises of OEL house. According to a tale, the well was sealed because of the strange events leading upto the death of the son of one of the vice-chancellors. It is said the son would throw stones into the well which awakened the souls.

4. Bada Imambara

You will be shocked to know that even this famous monument is under the spell of some supernatural powers. It is believed that the building eats up whoever tries to explore this place without a guide. When Bada Imambara was under construction, a major famine hit the city which lead to the loss of many lives. ‘The Tehkhana’ built in the premises of the Imambara was used by the British to lock up Indians. The walls of this spooky building still have troubling and haunting images of people losing their loved ones.

5. Sikandra Bagh

The story behind why this place is haunted will send shiver down your spine! According to sources, around 2300 Indians were killed by 72 British soldiers here. However, the British did not let the grieving families perform the last rites of the deceased. Bodies of the brave Indians were left to rot in the open in Sikandara Bagh. Vultures feasted on the corpses while still others slowly decomposed. Locals say that the spirits of the dead roam here and creepy voices are heard in the night.

6. Railway Quarters

Who knew that an extra-marital affair could have such grave consequences! One of the houses here was allotted to Bill Turner who was the chief engineer of the Oudh Rohilkhand Railways. He was happily married to a beautiful young lady. However, when he found that his wife was having an extramarital affair, he killed both the lovers and later himself in the same house. People here say that the spirit of Turner still haunts the railway quarters. Locals have seen a tall white man walking around the quarters and have heard strange voices from the house.

7. Nirala Nagar

Although a populated and busy locality in Lucknow, Nirala Nagar is believed to be haunted. Nirmala colony in Nirala Nagar was built in 1960 on a cremation ground. People living here have witnessed spooky images and spectres and have heard cries of children at nights. It is also believed that the spirits here can even impact the lives of people living here. Image source

Article by Vidisha Singh

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7 places in Lucknow that you must visit this winter season to forget the 2020 blues!

Starting from ritzy bars where you can let your hair down to unique restaurants which are perfect for your 'gram, Lucknow has it all.

When in Lucknow, the chances of you not finding anything interesting to do or any place to visit, is next to impossible because the city houses a variety of things and areas to keep you busy. Starting from ritzy bars where you can let your hair down to unique restaurants which are perfect for your 'gram, Lucknow has it all and how! So here we have listed 7 places for you to visit in the city and no matter how you're feeling, all of 'em are gonna amp up your mood- you just gotta take your pick.

The Beer Cafe Biggie

An absolute favourite of beerholics in Lucknow, The Beer Cafe Biggie has recently become one of the highlights in Hazratganj. They're the ONLY The Beer Cafe franchise in Uttar Pradesh, equipped with a Python Beer Dispenser with 12 taps and their bar menu has more than 150 alcohol beverage brands listed on it. Along with all this, we'd absolutely recommend their woodfired pizzas, which are as good as it gets!

Location: 2nd Floor, Rohit House, Shahnajaf Road, Opposite Sahara Mall, Hazratganj, Lucknow

The Scotch Bros.

A new addition to the legion of booze shops in Lucknow, The Scotch Bros is an absolute kick-ass alcohol store which is offering us a selection of luxury liquor choices with a range of unique whiskey, scotch, tequila and wine brands. The store also has various gifting options, inclusive of exotic alcohols and unique packaging, so if you have to pick a gift for a house-party, head here! It is also a safe space for women, looking to shop for their favourite daaru and it is one of the major reasons why we love this establishment.

Location: One Awadh Centre, Cinepolis Mall, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow


UP's first-ever pan Asian restaurant, Goku is a recent favourite of many, living in and around the Gomti Nagar area. They're serving fresh Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese food and we cannot get enough of their diverse menu. Each time we visit, there's always something new for us to try! Goku's rates are quite reasonable and be it sushi, katsu, yakimeshi or fancy Asian salads, you'll find it all on their menu.

Location: Shop 1/120, Deva Palace, Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Lord of the Drinks

One of our most preferred weekend hangout spots, LOTD offers a glam-chic ambience and it attracts the best gentry in town. So if you're a true-blue tippler who enjoys a variety of cocktails and good music along with it, then this is the place for ya'. We love absolutely their bar menu and the food options, don't disappoint either!

Location: B 204-208, Second Floor, Rohtas Summit, 3/3 Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

All 'Bout Desserts

All 'Bout Desserts is a cakery and cafe, which has us the hearts of the dessertarians in town! If you're looking to bag a few yummy goodies for home or just wanna have a low-key snack sesh, ABD will heed to your needs in delicious ways. Their menu has a fine balance of sweet and savoury, so whatever you maybe craving, you'll find it here. ABD also specializes in customized cakes so be it a generic birthday cake or an artisanal one, you can definitely bank on them.

Location: B Block, Church Road, Near BATA Bhootnath, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Bigg Daddy

This swanky restobar has our hearts and we look forward to every reason of being here. The all-inclusive F&B menu, outdoor seating arrangements and the overall vibe of this place, simply pulls us in and we're not the ones to resist. When here, do try out their epic LIIT and pick any from the cocktail options and we're sure, you'll be going home with a belly full of good booze and a smile on your face!

Pomona Orchard

Lucknow's first-ever fruit bar and boutique, Pomona Orchard is seated in Gomti Nagar, wrapped in plush interiors, soft lights along with a comfy ambience. Pomona also doubles up as an organic health kitchen and a fusion eatery, with an expansive menu which caters to your health and your palate too! When here, you've gotta try out their vegan Bolognese Spaghetti, Fruit and Exotic Cheese Board, Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Spinach Pizza and of course, the chef-special Raw Fruit Brownie.

Location: 3/16, Upper Ground Floor, Vinay Khand B, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Knock Knock

So if you're in town, do make sure to check out these 7 places and you'll not spend a single day/evening, being bored or feeling bleh. But do make sure to be armed with your mask and sanitizer before you head out!

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