We’ve all heard the phrase “Dilli ki ladkiyan alag hi hoti hain”. Female objectification and stereotyping aside, we know, a true blue Delhi friend is someone who is hard to find but necessary to survive in the city.

Delhi is a city made of migrators, people who have come from every nook and corner of the country to find something new in their lives, job, security, a better life. You name it and people have come to Delhi looking for it. Yet, in the hodge-podge of culture and the melting pot of everything that the country stands for. Delhi is also home to “dilli ki ladkiyan” and if you have a real Delhi-girl as friend you’ll fall in love with the city like never before. So here’s a list of reasons, why every girls needs a ‘Dilli wali girl-friend’.

1. She is Bold, Unabashed and Direct

If you have had the opportunity and the good luck of meeting a true blue Delhi-girl, you know she is tough. Give her any puzzle to crack and any situation to find her way out of, the girl would never give-up. The harsh city has hardened her edges, so she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Her unabashed nature, exuberance and confidence are good enough to lift you out of your shell and give you wings.

2. She can get you an auto and lower the price in minutes

Travelling in Delhi will always be a hassle. Yet, a Delhi-girl can stop an auto, haggle with the driver and smile at the same time. She has this super-power of spotting the auto-rickshaws which are willing to take you where ever you want to go and if she’s your friend, she’ll let you take advantage of the power.

3. The girl really has some fashion tips up her sleeve

A Delhi-girl knows her fashion. She is super comfortable in her skin and can rock any look she wants without even a blink of her eye. Be it the super comfortable chic jeans and crop-top look, a traditional saree, a kurti or a full blown diva dress with a high slit, she knows her way around the wardrobe. So, if you’re with her know that she won’t let you make any major fashion faux pas. Also, she really knows how to pronounce the difficult brand names and would heartily defend you if you make a mistake.

4. She knows how to haggle and she can always find her way through the local markets

If you’re ever looking to find your way through the jumble of lanes and shops that is Sarojini, Chandni Chowk or Janpath, having a true ‘Dilli wali’ by your side is like being dressed in the strongest armour imaginable. She can haggle like a pro and if cheap fashion is what you’re into, the girl is going to be your guide for life. She knows when to walk away, push for a cheaper price and tell you “Babe this makeup is a fake”. In short she’s a keeper.

5. She knows how to fight and God save you if you err her

People in Delhi run with high tempers and if you happen to get stuck in a fight, this girl will get you out of it. She’s not just a smooth talker that can charm your mother in letting you go to that trip to Rishikesh. She also has some rude words in her vocabulary and if you ever need her to defend you, she’s going to be a wall, a soldier and she’ll get you out of a fight in the blink of an eye.

6. She feeds you like a pro and always has something new you can try

Delhi girls know their grub. They live in the food capital of the country and know evvvvverything about food you would ever want to know. From gol-gappas in the Bengali market, real Tibetan momos in Dilli Haat, aloo chat at a random street corner, to chilling ‘kulfis’ at the many ‘Agarwal’, ‘Aggrawal’, Aggarrwaal’ sweets, to high-end cafes which serve bomb AF pasta, the girl knows no wrong. She can feed you the best grub and you can always depend on her to know the best food places, take you there and surprise you with new food items every now and then.

7. She is a sweetheart

All said and done, a girl from Delhi can be your friend for life. you can depend on her, share your secrets, fight with her, disagree with her, love her, hate her and complain to her, the girl will always show up when you need her. She is as big-hearted as Dilli herself and if you let her in, well you have a friend you’ll never forget and forever cherish.

So what are you waiting for? Go call your ‘Dilli-wali girlfriend’ and tell her how much you love her, because no matter who we are, a true Dilli-wali will forever be in our hearts.

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