Though it seems hard to believe, Delhi Metro has been around for almost 20 years. Since then, the metro has evolved a lot, has provided a slew of new facilities to commuters and on the whole, has taken well to the new technologies.

One development at Delhi metro was the addition of 8 coach trains to the fleet, which completely changed the game. Since many of the oldest metros still do not have these high capacity trains, there are plans to upgrade the fleet that run on older metro routes.

What's the update?

During peak metro hours, pretty much everyone will agree that getting in the metro is a hassle in itself. Once you're in, you have to worm your way through and stand in a claustrophobic compartment. That's exactly why the older metro trains at Delhi metro need to be upgraded from 6 coach trains to 8 coach trains. These new trains will be found at Red, Yellow and Blue metro lines.

Though you may argue that even having 8 coaches on a train just barely does the job, it is still the need of the hour. Having two extra coaches is certainly beneficial. Since it can accommodate more people than before, the train stations will see a faster moving travel pattern in people, apart from just providing extra space on the metro itself.

But when will the metro get 8 coach trains?

6 coach trains are rather outdated now and some of the oldest routes of Delhi metro haven't gone through many improvements over the years. The new trains are aimed at these stations and routes, and you can expect to travel in 8 coach trains by 2021. Though the wait may seem too long, it is going to be worth it.

Knock Knock

As of now, the number of six coach trains is too high and it is important that newer trains be used in Delhi metro. This is surely a step in the right direction and once it's finally here, we are expecting a completely different pace of the metro.

The New Art has made Lucknow even more vibrant, with their artworks on metro station walls

"It has been a great journey so far and this is just the beginning."

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An art-startup based in Delhi, The New Art are a team of artists and designers who curate realistic murals which are truly a sight to behold and within a short period of time, they've whipped up over 300 artworks all over India. All of these art pieces done by them, are originally designed by the team, from scratch.

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