Design a response plan against Covid 19 at this Hackathon on April 18th

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives and made everyday a nightmare for people around the world. With the virus spreading like wildfire around the globe and in India, now is the time that we need every idea and every strong mind working towards the issue. We are all united in our fight against Covid 19 and if you're someone who is full of ideas and wants to work closely with the government to give them shape this 'Hackathon' is just what you need.

Powered by Sapio Analytics and organised by Internity Foundation, 'HackCovid- 19 v2' is a marathon of ideas where your problem solving skills will be put to test and with situations from everyday issues emerging due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This 'marathon of hacks' will give you an opportunity to work closely with the government and even see your idea come to life!

HackCovid-19 v2: The fight for a better tomorrow

If you're the kind who's always brimming with ideas and has had a several few about the pandemic and how things should be different the HackCovid- 19 v2 is an event you definitely need to be a part of.

Designed around the idea of putting the sharpest minds to the use, this hackathon is the need of the hour. It's a continuous 18 hour long race where the sharpest minds will be tested with problem statements provided on-the-spot by Maharashtra government. The participants will be racing to provide the most practical and feasible answers to everyday problems that have risen due to the Covid- 19 pandemic and ways to 'hack' them.

Beginning on 18th of April, Saturday 11 AM, the online competition will last for 18 full hours, ending at 5 AM of 19th April, Sunday. Those who wish to participate in the 'Hackathon' can do so after registering as a team of multiple contestants or as a '1-member team'.

Wondering what's in it for you?

Well, not only will you receive recognition, a letter of experience from Sapio Analytics (a frequent government advising body), recognition on the various social media platforms of Internity Foundation, but also the opportunity to work closely with the government in the fight against Coronavirus. Sounds pretty amazing right?

So no matter who you are, a team or a single member idea machine, if you wish to give your inputs in the fight against Covid-19 and see your idea win and be implemented by the government, the chance is now! Registrations for the hackathon are open, so if you're looking for a window of opportunity, right now is the time to leap.

Are you ready to hack Covid-19?

For more details, FAQs and steps for registration visit the official HackCovid-19 website.

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