Cow Dung Cake & 6 even more bizarre items you didn’t know were available online!

Somya Agarwal

Want to make your life look a bit cooler? Start by adding these hilarious and quirky accessories to your lifestyle. Some might even leave you shocked for days, like the cow dung cake, maybe? 

However bizarre they might seem, each item on this list will come handy in your daily life. Get ready to have a good laugh!

Impress your grandparents with these Cow Dung Cakes

The sellers here have taken upon themselves to dry cow dunks the conventional way, to save you from the smell and lengthy procedure. Click here to buy!

Glow in the dark toilet paper for a more cooler look

Bored with the conventional set-up? How about switching to glowing toilet paper roll that’ll make your washroom a way cooler place. Click here to buy.

Instant underpants for that ungodly hour 

Stuck in a pickle and need an extra pair of underpants? If so, problem solved! This innovative item is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and expands with just some water. Click here to buy.

LightSaber Chopsticks for the Star Wars fanatic in you

May the force be with you while eating too! A beloved collectable for the Star Wars fans, these illuminating chopsticks will indeed make your meal a more fun experience. Click here to buy!

Ever head of the human Burrito Blanket?

When we talk about weird things online, how can we miss these realistic lookIng burrito blankets, which make you look like a human burrito. Click here to buy!

Bird Poop Remover for your everyday unwanted guests 

Often we are stuck with bird droppings on our cars or windows. Coming to your rescue, this remover helps you get rid of these droppings, instantly. Click here to buy!

Gift your colleague the Poop Shape Tea Infuser

Your regular tea just got a bit of something! Add green leaves in this quirky looking infuser for a more interesting feeling and taste. Click here to buy!

Internet sure is a weird place and this list, is just the beginning! Believe us when we say that there’s a whole world of stranger things waiting for you!

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