Don't miss out on any of these 9 street food treats when in Kanpur

Aditya Vikram

Travel a 100 km anywhere in India and with changing languages, you'll find unique and delicious street food on offer in every other city. Kanpur, too, has a lot to offer! And here's a specially-curated list of 11 must-try street food items in Kanpur.

Samrat ke Chhole Bhature

Who says no to Chhole Bhature? Definitely not anyone living UP, right? And the streets of Kanpur are filled with shops and famous stalls like Samrat Chhole Bhature, serving droolworthy plates of one of North India's most-loved breakfast choices.

The City's famous Luchi Sabzi

When you're in Kanpur, you can't miss out on the city's favorite breakfast option, Luchi Sabzi. It might look like dishes you've had before but trust us, the taste is as unique as it is yummy!

Kanpur's Chaat

From Hanuman Chaat Bhandaar to Ramswaroop Chaat, there's a range of food outlets in Kanpur that serve their unique variations of chaat. Pick your favorite and do your tastebuds a favor, NOW!

Jeetu Bhaiya ki Swal Papdi

A unique street treat that you might not find anywhere else in UP. Kanpur's Swal Papdi, especially Jeetu Bhaiya ki Swal Papdi, is a unique delight that you must relish, especially if you're a first-time visitor.

Murli ke Batashe

A favorite of Foodies in North India, Batashe just had to feature in the list of must try street food items in Kanpur, didn't they? And Murli Batashe Wala has been serving some delicious variations of this treat for 35 years now. Thank us later!

Colored Samosas at Pappu Samose Waley

A sight of the colored Samosa at Kanpur's Pappu Samose Waley is enough to pull you in. The taste? Well, this treat is as delicious as it is visually appealing, so help yourselves.

Biryani at Baba Bairyani 

Being 100 km away from Lucknow doesn't mean you can't dine on authentic Mughlai. The desi-ghee infused Biryani at Kanpur's Baba Biryani serves a range of mouthwatering options of the Mughlai delight.

Soyabean Biryani at Masand Fast Food

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? The Soyabean Biryani at Kanpur's Masand Fast Food with its appetizing aroma and rich taste is veg biryani at its very best.

Badnaam Kulfi at Thaggu ke Laddoo

Thaggu ke Laddoo's Badnaam Kulfi is unique in its name (obviously) and the taste, making it a must try if you have a sweet tooth. And its infamy arises from addicting thousands of people who try it once and can't help but keep coming back.

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