Mark this Holi in Kanpur with a box of ultimate happiness & satiate your sweet cravings

Somya Agarwal

As anticipation builds, get ready for the arrival of the cherished Festival of Colors! There's no better way to celebrate Holi in Kanpur than by spreading joy through the delightful gift of mouth-watering sweets. So, we bring you some of our top picks which are a MUST this Holi!

Happiness is a box of Jalebis

As extreme sweet tooths, our Holi celebrations are incomplete without the mandatory sweet climax! Jalebis, being one of the most loved sweet dishes ever, are a must at every occasion — especially Holi.

Where to buy: Mithas, Bikanervala

Motichoor Ladoos to the rescue 

Indulge in the irresistible joy of Motichoor Ladoos during your Holi celebrations— you simply can't afford to miss out. The moment you take that first bite, the mithai melts in your mouth, bursting with flavor.

Where to buy: Lala Baijnath Sweets

King of sweets - Kaju Barfi

There is almost nothing that a slice of delicious kaju barfi can't cure. Add this cool and timeless dish to your sweets platter this Holi and your guests are officially in for a food coma!

Where to buy: Bhartiya Chappan Bhog, Bhikharam Mahaveer Prasad

Bliss in every bite - Milk Cake

Milk Cakes taste sweeter when shared with friends and family, so surprise your folks with a milk cake ka dabba this Holi and watch their faces light up at the very first bite!

Where to buy: Bikanervala, Pandit’s

Legendary Thaggu ke Laddu in Kanpur

We’re sure you must have heard about this sweet-e-luscious place in town, a place which adds a magic charm to holi through it's sweet offerings. The food gods have delighted us and put a big fat smile on our faces with the the ever-delicious Thaggu ke Laddu in Kanpur, perfect for very occasion.

Where to buy: Thaggu ke Laddu

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