15 reasons that make the hep & happening Bhootnath Market a crowd favourite

Khushbu Kirti

Indira Nagar's own paradise, the Bhootnath Market, standing tall since the dawn of time, will never fail to remind you of your rich cultural heritage. From restaurants and cafes, garment shops to jewellery, flower lane to street food corner, Bhootnath is your one-stop destination for literally anything and everything!

So? Sit back, relax and get ready for a virtual trip through the enriching lanes of our vivacious Bhootnath!

Abdul Haq Ashrafi

Bhootnath Metro Station

Now that Lucknow has become a metropolitan city, it has marked its most frequented and famous stops as metro stations in the first peg. So, Bhootnath, but obviously, had to get one! Up and running since 2019, the Bhootnath Metro Station is used by countless commuters.

Dedicated festival markets within the market

Festivals and occasions of joy are endless and with that comes the desire to feel good! To render you the festive feels, Bhootnath famously glows up around festivals and its shops are full of the samagri needed for various poojas, or rakhis during Raksha Bandhan, crackers during Diwali, colours and toys during Holi and more.

All the food!

For all the chatoras and foodies, Bhootnath is practically a haven for all thing delicious. With a plethora of vibrant restaurants, cafes and eating joints, the place always sees an influx of food lovers. Be it jalebis from Panchvati Sweets, kulfi from Chanakya, roadside bhelpuri, south-indian from Sagar Ratna, and the list is endless!

The age-old Universal Book Sellers

The book lovers would agree with us when we say the Universal Book Sellers in Bhoothnath is the OG bookstore. Till date, it fascinates all with colourful stationery products, gift items, and the huge collection of books.

One for the Coffee & Chai lovers!

Whether it's a relaxing kulhad chai or a cup of refreshing coffee, we appreciate it all! And the slew of eating joints and street food joints in Bhoothnath have been answering to our tea and coffee needs forever now!

The flower market at Bhoothnath

Still evoking the filmy vibes, this row of Bhootnath flower vendors at the entry point of the market will never disappoint you. Buy fragrant colours from bulk flowers to beautifully-set bouquets at this phool wali gali.

Fake it until you bake it — Bhootnath Bakeries

From sweet buns and cheesecakes to patties and puddings, bakeries at Bhootnath have it all. Whether it's vintage shops like Burma Bakery, Sundar Bakery or the novel ones like Walnut Bakery, ABD, Bhootnath's patisserie shops keep on evolving.

Garden of green plants

Bhootnath is also home to numerous street plant nurseries that sell beatiful planters and a variety of plants to decorate your homes with! And while you're shopping some, bargaining tricks would surely help you save big.

Festival saviours - Mehendi vale bhaiyas

You have to admit that is the mehendi-wale vendors in Bhootnath have saved our festivities countless times! To help us slay those functions, they've adorned our hands and legs with the most beautiful mehendi designs and we can't thank them enough!

Stress-relieving street shopping!

Street hauls are always stress relieving and we can't get enough of shopping in Bhootnath for the sheer variety of hueful things it has. From oxidised jewellery to gol gappas and momos, you can, quite literally, get anything at the street shops here.

For matchless nostalgia — Nescafe

This cosy corner of Nescafe needs a special mention for standing since the beginning of time in Bhootnath. The sheer nostalgia that the Nescafe maggie plus iced tea/cold coffee evokes is unmatched. Our favourite lil shopee has now been completely revamped, too!

Versha Mishra

Chikan Shops

The best part about shopping for the city of Nawab's trademark product, Chikan clothing, from Bhootnath is the reasonable rates you get, along with a decent quality! The shops of Chikan in Bhootnath are so many and shop hopping will help you get great deals on the same.

And there's a mall, too!

And, the cherry on the top? Bhootnath also encompasses a mall that embraces Domino's and more. Oh, and there's a Reliance Trends nearby. Shopaholics' dream, is it not?

Rippy Bedi

Medicine shops, chashme wale, sports stores & so much more!

There's just so much to do in Bhootnath that one listicle cannot do justice to the dynamic and bustling market place. There's sports shops, medicine stores, optical shops (from Dimple to Lenskart), ice cream parlours, sweet shops (from famed Chanakya to Panchvati) and the list goes on and on.

Jamshed Khan

An ever-evolving shopping paradise

The best part about Bhootnath? The humongous market place caters to all age groups and all economic groups and it keeps evolving — having the old and new elements constantly mingling with one another and we're proud of this growth.

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