11 reasons why one must visit Lucknow in the winter season!

Jatin Shewaramani

Lucknow, a city with a rich history and culture, definitely seems beautiful in the winter months. During the chilling weather, plenty of outdoor activities and food can be enjoyed here.

So here's a list of 11 reasons that make Lucknow a must-visit city during the winter season:

A blissful cup of Chai on a foggy morning

What could possibly be more rewarding than a kulhad full of chai on a cold cold day? Finding a tapri is literally one of the most convenient things in Lucknow, making it a paradise for Chai lovers!

Treat your tastebuds to the frothy & absolutely rich, Makhan Malai

Although, the texture of this winter season delicacy might seem familiar to other city dwellers in Varanasi and Delhi, but the taste and quality available here is unmatched!

A plate of flavourful chat, Yes please!

A flavoursome plate of chat from the Royal Cafe at Hazratganj can be enjoyed anytime of the year, however, in winters, the warmth of this delicacy hits different.

An fun-filled extravaganza of city events

From cloth exhibitions to enormous city fairs such as the Lucknow Mahotsav, Lucknow gets decked up with multiple events during the season.

Tasty, delectable and nutritious Kaali Gajar ka Halwa

Ever heard of a black-coloured variety of carrots, used to make the popular Kaali Gajar ka halwa? Well, here in Lucknow you can find multiple streetside vendors in the Chowk area selling this delicacy.

A hot glass of Kadhai doodh to beat the winter blues

Served in kulhads, the kadhai doodh is slightly darker than plain milk which is topped with malai, kesar and nuts, an ultimate drink for winters, right?

Til laddus, Gajaks and Moongfali

No need to grab unhealthy packs of chips if you are in Lucknow, just keep your eye out for a Moongfali thela on the streets to get your hands on some yummy and nutritious winter-time snacks like gazzak, boiled singhada and so much more.

Up for something new? Try pink & creamy Noon Chai

Chunks of cream, wafers and a pleasing pink hue of the Noon chai can lure anyone on the streets of the city. Kashmiri chai sellers can easily be found near the Akbari Gate area of Nakkhas.

A hub of Mughlai delights

Are you fond of non-veg food? If yes, then nothing could be better than a piping hot bowl of nihari paired with kulcha to energize you up during winters.

Head out for a picnic or a park stroll

Ranging from culturally rich streets to lush green parks, Lucknow has hangout locations in galore. Try heading to the Janeshwar Mishra park for a daytime picnic during this season.

Sunday breakfast at its best - Khasta & Jalebi 

Forget having boring home-cooked breakfast meals, coz a loaded combo of khasta and jalebi can be the best morning meal for you. If you wanna taste the best, head to Netram. However, the city is full of places that offer garamagaram jalebis, for you to binge on!

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