9 mind-blowing 'chai variations' that you must try in Lucknow!

Jatin Shewaramani

Do you know what's the best part about India's most endeared beverage, chai? Switch the condiments or maybe brew it a bit differently and you can legit have a totally new variation of chai.

On this note, here's a list of the finest variations of chai available in Lucknow which will surely leave you in awe!

Keval ki chai, Lalbagh

Nothing extraordinary, just a plain cuppa prepared with utmost passion and served in a giant kulhad to overfulfill your chai cravings!

Do give this place a shot when in Hazratganj for some awesomely reasonable chai and delish snacks.

Nimbu chai – Doston ki chai, near Janeshwar Mishra Park

This spicy and flavourful variation is not only rejuvenating but can be perfect for a detox after all your late-night party revelry! Head here along with your homies for a leisurely evening session, complementing the serene views of the lush green Janeshwar Mishra park.

Kashmiri Chai – Al Madina, Near Akbari Gate, Chowk

The super creamy and pleasingly pink Kashmiri chai is yet another iteration which is quite popular in the City of Nawabs. Exclusive to the Chowk area, this variation of chai is viscously rich and has a truly entrancing aroma.

Tandoori Chai – Chatori Gali, 1090 Crossing

Infused with the smokey aroma of tandoor and earthen clay cups, this version of chai available at multiple tea stalls of Chatori Gali can genuinely leave you mesmerized. Do give it a go if you are fond of a kadak variation.

Gud ki chai – Nukkad Cafe, Kapoorthala

The addition of gud in chai can really do wonders for our desi-tuned tastebuds. Head to the Nukkad Cafe either in Kapoorthala or to their Gomti Nagar outlet for a soul-satisfying cup of gud chai.

Golden Chai – 21 Carat Tea, D block, Rajajipuram

If you rather desire a dash of affluence even in your food and drinks, this version of chai is just for you. Fashioned with chunks of cream and gold leaf, this quirky variation can also be found on the streets of Rajajipuram.

Lemon Tea with Chia Seeds – Tea Time

Not only is this one aesthetically pleasing but the inclusion of chia seeds makes it more tastier and healthier. Do give it a shot at any of the tea time outlets of the town.

Malai Chai – Shiv Poojan Bhandar, LDA Complex, Sector-B Kapoorthala

Served in a tall kulhad, this place in Aliganj specializes in preparing quite flavourful and creamy chai. Want it to be even richer, simply ask for an addition spoon of fresh cream!

Elaichi Chai – System Chai Centre, Near City Mall, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar

Standing right in front of the City Mall of the Gomti Nagar area, these folks at System Chai Centre are legit small-time magicians, specializing in preparing one of the finest elaichi chai in the town.

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