Enjoy the rainy weather with piping hot kachoris, chai & more at THESE spots in Munshipulia!

Aditya Vikram

Rain rain don't go away, we've got a lot of snacks to munch on today! We believe our new rendition of that age-old poem is something all you Lucknow foodies will agree with. After all, a rainy day sometimes makes for a perfect reason to step out for a samosa-chai, and all that piping hot grub!

So, for those living in around Lucknow's Munshipulia neighbourhood, here are some must-try snacks to enjoy the rainy weather!

Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali Ho!

When we think of snacks on a rainy day, we surely picture a cup of tea with them, don't we? For those residing in/ near Munshipulia, a good cup or we must say kulhad of kadak chai is not very hard to find! On all sides of the square, you will find tea stalls serving steamy cups of tea for you to sip on pleasant rainy days.

Yummy Samosa

When it rains, there are few things that provide more satisfaction to the taste buds like a crispy and steamy samosa. Around Munshipulia, there are a number of shops that serve yummy samosas. These include Rashmi sweets, Swad Dairy and Sweets, and the shop opposite Central Academy school, which is famous for the chutney they serve!

Khasta & Jalebi

Like Gujarati's adore Fafda Jalebi, we Lucknowites love to relish some early morning Khasta and Jalebi! All sides of the Munshipulia chauraha, there are shops and stalls selling this mouthwatering combo! Especially the shop behind the traffic police booth. Their specialty? They begin selling khasta right from 5 AM in the morning!

An Abundance of Pakodas

Right in front of Canara Bank on Munshipulia, there's a row of stalls that sell a range of pakodas for breakfast. These include bread pakoda, green chilli pakode, and of course, pyaaz ke pakode. And do we need to say anything on how chai and pakode make for the perfect rainy day?

Momos, Spring Roll & other indo-chinese treats

Arvindo Vaale Thapa Ji in Sector 10 food lane, has been the go-to spot for those living in the Munshipulia neighborhood. But today, apart from that age-old spot, several other street-food joints have sprung up in the area for you to relish some spicy momos and more on a rainy evening!

Chicken Shawerma Roll

Kawabish near Aurobindo Park, known for their tongue-numbing spicy Chicken Shawarma, becomes a must-try during monsoon. Because the heat of the spice and the sheer flavourful nature of the offering will perfectly compliment the rainy day vibe. So, if you're in for some non-veg action, check this place out on Indira Nagar's Sector 13.

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