These delicacies from your beloved The Chocolate Room in Lucknow will make your heart melt!

Khushbu Kirti

True to its name, The Chocolate Room (TCR) is THE place for chocolate lovers, offering delectable thick shakes and chocolate treats. It is a haven for all kinds of chocolate delicacies — from waffles to pancakes, all laiden with the goodness of choco!

The brand has over 350 outlets throughout the country and yet leaves the sweet lovers wanting for more desserts!

From thick chocoshakes to sundaes, from fondues to freddos, The Chocolate Room in Lucknow may surprise you with the wonders that can be done with chocolate! Besides this, TCR's wraps, sizzlers and square pizzas are also well appreciated by foodies.

We like you a choco-lot!

Fall in love with their Italian Thick Hot Chocolate that will relax every part of your body. The delicious flavours will soothe the taste buds like nothing else!

Thank God It's Sundae

We especially recommend Thank God It's Sundae! Because, thank the lord, the weekend is here! And it's time for you to let your hair down and dump all that stress by devouring the scrumptious dish full of chocolate ice cream, brownies and choco sauce!

Pancakes to warm your hearts with their goodness

What might win your hearts is the Death by Chocolate Pancake, subsumed by dark chocolate sauce and topped with choco chips and vanilla ice cream, if you like your pancakes hot & cold!

TCR will never dessert you!

Explore TCR's Chocotails — a unique blend of frozen chocolate frappes and nuts. Trust us when we say, these tales are never-ending mugs of pure joy!

So glad, we fondue!

You'd need to pair your desserts with something salty and that's where the Cheese Fondue plays its delicious role! The goodness of potatoes comes in all forms — wedges, nuggets, fries and sticks. Dip them in the dainty cheese and it'll make your day!

No, you're the sweetest!

We promise you're going to be a fan of the Freaky Waffle Shake with the luscious cold cholate shake, gems and choco sticks. The shake is heavy and the taste lingers on the tongue, making a strong case for the drink!

We know it's cheesy, but...

Hail the Cottage Cheese Panino that needs no description! Fulfil your appetite with these healthy and filling cheese stuffed in Italian herb breads only at TCR.

What's shakin', good lookin'?

And the highlight of this season has to be the Mango Freddo. It is succulent and surprisingly refreshing! However, all of TCR's freddos are much loved by the customers.

Chocolate + Pizza = Divinity

Aand, we have our TCR Chocopizzas that quite literally have no match! The supremacy is established when our two favourite food items are combined — chocolate and pizza!

That's sizzling hot!

The well-balanced Cilantro Mexicana Sizzler of The Chocolate Room is packed with flavours and nutritional value. It is a must-try for all the first timers.

Knock Knock

Seven days without chocolate makes one weak (geddit?) and we wouldn't want that! Head to The Chocolate Room this weekend and indulge in the mouth-watering food served with love!

Location: Apex Towers , Ground Floor 5,6 Habibullah Estate, 11, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Hazratganj

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