Visual Story: After a long wait, city folks finally welcome heavy rainfall in Lucknow!

Khushbu Kirti

And it seems like nature has finally answered prayers of the city dwellers!

After waking up to a pleasant morning, folks in the city finally got to witness a heavy downpour during the day. The rainfall has brought in great respite from the long prevailing spell of heatwave and humidity. So, bonne journee, people!

Enjoy the rains with your perfect cup of chai, some delicious pakodas and favourite book in the comfortable balcony of your homes, in this dream-like reality that has engulfed the city.

With rainfall, comes the problems of potholes & waterlogging

However, beware of water-logging following the heavy rainfall in Lucknow. And, perhaps, avoid going for those long drives for now if you don't want to be stuck in a flood-like situation likely to occur!

Enjoy the ethereal rains captured in the following photographs!

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