Zaika of Lucknow food: These Lucknow delicacies will keep you warm and going this winter

Khushbu Kirti

As you feel the chill in the air, bid goodbye to the rains and the warmth (and lizards), you know your favourite season is here. With the onset of winters, it's time to take out those statement jackets, long fluffy coats, warm boots, and snug scarves, but, most importantly, it's time for winter-specific foods!

Makkhan Malai

If there's one mithai we're craving this winter, it is the paradisal Makkhan Malai that becomes available in the cold season. If you haven't yet tried, do gain the experience of having Lucknow's most renowned Makhan Malai at Chowk's Gol Darwaza!

Kaali Gajar ka Halwa

A lot of you must be fans of Gajar Ka Halwa, but have you yet come across Kaali Gajar ka Halwa? Made up of seasonal purple carrots in winters, this rich halwa is embellished with milk, ghee, and with sprinkled cashews. Yet again, hit the lanes of Old Lucknow, more specifically Chowk, for this winter delicacy!

Moong Daal Halwa

Usually a festive mithai, you must've had the divine taste of Moong Dal Halwa during the glistening Diwali. Made from the goodness of yellow moong dal, sugar, ghee, and milk, this is a must-try aromatic mithai in the city.

Bhuni Moongphali

Bhuni hui moongphali or roasted peanuts are, but, the go-to snacks from the thelas for every household. Those special and tangy namak pudiyas on the side, and you under your warm blanket, eating peanuts with your fam while watching a nice movie — it's an emotion!


Crispy, textured, sweet, and dry, Chikki is probably everyone's favourite munchie during winters. At the same time, Gajjak, yet another delicious dessert, is made of til or moongphali and gud. If you're into peanuts and have a sweet tooth, these sweet snacks are for you!

Paaya soup

Here's one food that will warm you up from inside like none other. The scrumptious Mutton paya soup is probably the healthiest and the tastiest that you can get this cold season. What's more? It is warm and filling, too!

Kakori Kebabs

Laden with cultural tokens, Lucknow's Kakori is invaluable for food enthusiasts who enjoy the occasional Kakori kebabs. A delicate and soft version of Seekh kebabs, this all-season food item is a delicious heritage symbol.

Imarti Rabdi

Name one combination better than rabdi+imarti (except jalebi+imarti)? You can't cuz there isn't one! The double sweetness of succulent imartis or jalebis combined with melt-in-the-mouth rabdi makes for a rich and ideal treat for the taste buds.

Kadhai Doodh

Also known as Batte ka doodh, a hot cup of Kadhai Doodh is perfect indulgence for winters. Rich and healthy, you get to experience flavours of spices and dry fruits in the thick milk revolving in the mouth and we say, it feels amazing!

Shakarkandi Chaat

The deliciousness of sweet potatoes and chaat blend to make the famed Shakarkandi Chaat! Very easy to make at home, this fulfilling chaat special is a healthy option to beat the winter blues away.


Extremely healthy for your system, Water Chestnut or Singhara is an aquatic veggie or wonder fruit that tastes heavy and sweet. It is non-starchy, has zero fat and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Common in autumn and winter, it can be eaten both raw or boiled.

Evergreen Chai

Whether it's kulhad chai or posh green tea, chai lovers appreciate it all and throughout the year. However, winter brings a unique and special touch to the chai that we all love. It not only keeps the cold at bay, but is also healthy for the throat.

Lucknow's comfort food

Winter calls for special comfort food and if you're a true Lucknowite, you must be as excited as we are to get your hands on these warm and soul-refreshing eatables that are native to the zaika of city of Nawabs.

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