Durga Puja has been an integral part of Delhi’s thriving multicultural potpourri and it’s been going on for over a century now!

But every year, after the festivities conclude, the water-pollution levels become alarming due to the umpteen immersions of the idols. All the plastic trinkets, choke the rivers for years to come and it also affects marine life, leading to the destruction of eco-systems and contributing further to global warming.

So keeping the major environmental crisis in mind, for the first time ever, Durga idols in Delhi weren’t immersed in the Yamuna river but in artificial ponds around the city!

What’s the News?

According to The Hindu, 89 artificial ponds were constructed for immersion purposes which would prevent the Yamuna from getting polluted further and this eco-friendly move was supported by all Delhizens!

Police forces were stationed at various entrances to the riverside ghats to keep a check on idols from being dunked in the Yamuna and Delhites did abide by the laws this time, according to reports! Another first, eh?!

Even a lot of Durga Puja organisers across Delhi, celebrated this festival in an eco-friendly manner by using bamboo, wood, clay, and paper to decrease the usage of plastic and other non-biodegradable items. Starting from cutlery to the decor of the pandals, we did spot an array of recyclable arrangements to keep the pollution as minimal as possible.

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal has been a hands-on minister and he tweeted saying-

He even tweeted a congratulatory message to all the Delhizens and he mentioned how “proud” he is, of this initiative!

Knock Knock

Given that our environment is amidst a major emergency, even a little step can go a long way! Although this initiative was a well-thought-out plan and it deserves all of our attention, we hope to see Kolkata follow suit soon!

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