The bustling, ever expanding concrete jungle that is Indore seems to have forgotten its roots. Once a land of riches and pride, the city is now just like any other developing town. Streets dug up and construction going on wherever you look.

With all that is going on here, it's easy to forget the culture and history of a place like Indore. Though not often associated with these things, Indore happens to have a very rich and diverse past that you've got to explore.

With this upcoming heritage walk in Indore, you can get a glimpse of Indore's past and how it played an integral role in India's independence back in 1947. With the 72nd Independence day upon us, there's no better time for this heritage walk than now.

The heritage walk will start off by walking to Lal Bagh Palace. One of Indore's oldest relic of the past, it was built way back in 1886 by the Holkar Dynasty. The architectural magnificence of the palace is striking to say the least and will leave you awestruck as you hear the tales of what went on in here and all that the walls were privy to.

Following your impression of the Lal Bagh Palace from the outside, you'll be taken inside and once again, you'll be left awestruck, feeling the otherworldly vibes that emanate from here. The sheer grandeur and the allure of the place will make you marvel at the achievements of the craftsmen who worked on this.

A daunting gate will await you and you'll be surprised to know that it happens to be a one of a kind gate in all of Asia! What's special about it is that the carvings here are finely done with the utmost care and precise intricacy. Even the Japanese haven't been able to replicate something similar.

Inside the palace, the main attraction is it’s large rooms that are adorned with beautiful carvings on the walls and ceilings. The rooms and walls each have a tale to tell. Even if you're a long time resident of Indore, this heritage walk is something that you shouldn't miss for the world.

Find out more and register for the heritage walk here.

Meeting point: Lal Bagh Palace

Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm | Meeting Time- 10:45 am

Date: August 11, 2019 (Sunday)

Two royal bred horses added to Lucknow's La Martiniere College's stable

Endangered Kathwadi breed horses are now a part of La Martiniere's stable

La Martiniere Collge adds two more rare species to its stables, in the beautiful form of Bajirao, a five-year-old stallion and Anandi, an eight-year-old mammoth mare, both of the Kathwadi endangered breed from Western India. These royally-bred horses were gifted to the college by Monish Bhandari and his wife, Priya, members of the college alma mater. The horses arrived at the college grounds on Saturday in a special air-conditioned vehicle from the farm of Mumbai and Ajmer.

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The Health Department of Maharashtra, issued a notification on Thursday that bans the sale of loose cigarettes and beedis in the state. This ban has come in the view that loose cigarettes do not inform the smoker of the consumption and health warning which are otherwise present on cigarette packets.

This notice of public interest has been issued under subsection (2) of section 7 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and commerce Production, supply and Distribution).

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Rural destinations in Jaipur & other districts, to shine bright with Rajasthan's new Tourism policy!

Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020 is designed to revive rural economy and popularity.

Though the occasion of the of World Tourism Day in Rajasthan is downcast by the coronavirus pandemic, the spirit of the new policy is here to keep the enthusiasm high. The new tourism policy of the state of Rajasthan works in-sync with the theme of World Tourism Day, 'Tourism and Rural Development', shifting focus to the promotion of tourism in rural and lesser-known regions of the state.

This new tourism policy of the state, highlights the attractions of the rural areas and other not so commonly known regions, in the hopes of capturing the attention of a new tourist base post the withdrawal of the active COVID pandemic.

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UP to link medical institutes with virtual ICUs to prioritise treatment of COVID critical patients

Uttar Pradesh ramps up the defence on all grounds to beat the coronavirus, here is how:

The State of Uttar Pradesh is pioneering the use of technology to build an iron-clad defence against the coronavirus, and in tandem with this scientific approach, the Chief Minister has further directed the officials to start a process of patient indexing. All medical institutions in state capital Lucknow and other districts will be linked to virtual ICUs by means of technology that will prioritise the treatment of serious and critically ill COVID patients from experienced doctors.

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After 59 years, Goa records highest rainfall at 412 cms

Although the state is facing heavy rainfall at the moment, according to officials, the state's monsoon season would be over within the next four days.

This year during monsoons, the sunny state of Goa has recorded its highest rainfall since 1961 (after 59 years), according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). On Saturday, speaking about this occurrence, Rahul M who is a scientist at IMD Goa, mentioned that this state has reported 412 cms of rainfall from the South West monsoons in 2020. This has amounted to 41% higher than the average value of rainfall in the state.

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