Catch a glimpse of Indore's glorious past with this Heritage walk in Lal Bagh palace

The bustling, ever expanding concrete jungle that is Indore seems to have forgotten its roots. Once a land of riches and pride, the city is now just like any other developing town. Streets dug up and construction going on wherever you look.

With all that is going on here, it's easy to forget the culture and history of a place like Indore. Though not often associated with these things, Indore happens to have a very rich and diverse past that you've got to explore.

With this upcoming heritage walk in Indore, you can get a glimpse of Indore's past and how it played an integral role in India's independence back in 1947. With the 72nd Independence day upon us, there's no better time for this heritage walk than now.

The heritage walk will start off by walking to Lal Bagh Palace. One of Indore's oldest relic of the past, it was built way back in 1886 by the Holkar Dynasty. The architectural magnificence of the palace is striking to say the least and will leave you awestruck as you hear the tales of what went on in here and all that the walls were privy to.

Following your impression of the Lal Bagh Palace from the outside, you'll be taken inside and once again, you'll be left awestruck, feeling the otherworldly vibes that emanate from here. The sheer grandeur and the allure of the place will make you marvel at the achievements of the craftsmen who worked on this.

A daunting gate will await you and you'll be surprised to know that it happens to be a one of a kind gate in all of Asia! What's special about it is that the carvings here are finely done with the utmost care and precise intricacy. Even the Japanese haven't been able to replicate something similar.

Inside the palace, the main attraction is it’s large rooms that are adorned with beautiful carvings on the walls and ceilings. The rooms and walls each have a tale to tell. Even if you're a long time resident of Indore, this heritage walk is something that you shouldn't miss for the world.

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Meeting point: Lal Bagh Palace

Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm | Meeting Time- 10:45 am

Date: August 11, 2019 (Sunday)

The local train network in Mumbai is like the lifeline of the city. The entire city will come to a standstill if the local trains do not function properly and that is a testament of how important the Mumbai locals are for the everyday daily. The newest addition to this humongous network is the AC local. And now the first fully air conditioned suburban train in the country, the Mumbai AC local will soon have a new feature to boast of.

Western Railway is gearing up to start a 'Content on Demand' service in the new Mumbai AC Local, a broad gauge train which was launched a few days back between Panvel and Thane.

What's the update?

The newest marvel of Western Railway, the Mumbai AC Local will soon have a 'Content on Demand' service. This initiative aims to change the way people view local trains as well as introduce the quotient of luxury and comfort in the trains. This would include a high-quality, buffer free streaming of new and popular TV shows as well as movies.

The content on demand services will be rolled out for two Rajdhani trains and the AC local of Western Railways (WR), according to a report by The Hindu. The service is expected to begin in the next two years and stream content including educational programmes, television shows and movies.

The service will be available in both paid and unpaid formats on a mobile app which can be downloaded by the passengers and used as a window. Passengers will be able to log in to the app, stream the content and enjoy the service.

This project will initially be piloted in the select few trains and will then launch for the more premier trains of the of Indian Railway.

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The new content on demand service is another facility meant to lure passengers towards the more luxurious trains. Travelling via the Indian railway today is no less sophisticated than through flights and that is exactly what the railway is aiming towards.

Metro has been functional in Lucknow for quite some time now but it still will take more time for people and new users to get the hang of it. Every new rider comes with a set of queries regarding the metro ride and this article is an answer to them all. Recently, UPMRC took to twitter to spread some awareness regarding the metro and you should definitely be reading this if you are a new metro traveller.

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When it comes to accomplishments related to the city, Indore seems to be on a roll. In the recent past, the city has racked up several awards and laurels to its name, including the much talked of 'Cleanest City' title. Now, once again, Indore has proven that it's heading towards the smart city goal and bagged another title. In the 'Ease of Living Index 2019' survey, Indore City has risen to the second position, after coming in fourth last year.

In the Index, Surat retained its position at the top of the table. What's surprising is that Indore City wasn't even in the race till February of this year. In less than a month, the city garnered over 23,000 citizen feedbacks and rose to the second spot, getting 78,927 feedbacks in total.

What's the update?

The survey was released following an influx of citizen feedbacks from people of various cities in India. In the citizen feedbacks, Surat Garnered a total of 61,216 citizen feedbacks, which is how they gained the top spot. Apart from Surat and Indore, Ahmedabad, Greater Hyderabad and Salem attained the remaining spots in the top 5.

Essentially, the Ease of Living Index is used to assess the progress made in a particular city. Additionally, this is a rather foolproof method of gauging progress because the feedback comes from the citizens. The Index takes into account several factors that make up a city. The three major pillars of understanding Ease of Living are quality of life, economic ability and sustainability.

Citizen Perception was also taken into account this time, which is a first for the survey. This allows one to get a better and a more realistic understanding of the Index itself. Since citizens submit their feedback, the result can effectively help them understand the three pillars of the index itself.

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The second place that Indore gained this time is an indicator of its rapid growth and fast paced development. In the future, we expect to see more such developments from Indore.

Akshay Kumar starrer, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is one of the best horror-comedy Bollywood has given to us. This one-of-a-kind movie has no parallels till this date but that could change with Kartik Aryan's Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The 2007 classic is all set to get a remake and it seems that our wait is finally over, as the 'Luka Chuppi' star, Kartik Aaryan has begun shooting for the second installment of Bhool Bhulaiyaa in Jaipur.

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If you are frequent metro traveller, this piece of news is for you.

If you've been planning a metro ride on Holi, you must make sure to be updated with the correct timings, to avoid any inconvenience during the festival. According to UPMRC, on 10th March, 2020 Lucknow Metro Services will be available from 2:30 pm to 10 pm, which means you need to look for other means of transport if you'd been planning to commute in the morning.

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