Nestled quaintly at Kalkaji, Panx Pizza is our latest find! We decided to try our luck here and we’ve noticed that we’re never tired of testing and tasting pizzas- anywhere & anytime!

What We Ordered?

Cheese Garlic Bread - 9/10

Veggie Supreme Pizza - 7.5/10

Veg Pocket - 8/10

Tandoori Chicken Pizza - 8.5/10

Choco Lava cake - 7/10

Service: We were greeted by the owner himself who actively runs the restaurant- brownie points for that! The servers were friendly and well-versed in terms of the menu. The owner made sure that we were properly attended to whilst also attending to other customers. The only setback however was the late service but I think we can ignore that, this once.

Servings: The pizzas and portions of other items were small. The quantity was such, that a small pizza with a side of garlic bread would be sufficient for just one person.

Ambience: The space is cramped up and not very airy. It has 2-3 odd tables and we would not classify it as a place where you could chill for hours. It is not at all recommended for large groups.

So what we’re saying is-

The atmosphere of the restaurant and the surroundings classify it to be a quick snack place rather that a proper dine-in! The place is good for a couple of friends to hangout within a budget.

The veggie supreme pizza was a complete disappointment as it was bland and the crust was stiff- not ‘pizza-like’ at all. On the other hand, the cheese garlic bread was delicious! It had cheese oozing out with every bite which was a total delight. The veg pocket was average- can be tried out! The tandoori chicken pizza was delish with a zingy tandoori sauce and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The base of the pizza was soft, unlike that of the veggie supreme pizza! The choco lava cake oddly smelled of butter and the consistency of the ‘chocolate lava’ was runny and not gooey, as it is supposed to be. What we totally enjoyed, and would surely recommend is their cheese garlic bread! Overall, the place had a good quantity-budget ratio so we are recommending this place for a budget snack trip!

Location: Shop 73, Ground Floor, Rampuri. Opposite Hanuman Mandir- Ravi Das Marg, Govindpuri, Kalkaji.

Cost: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Timings: 12noon – 10:30pm

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