16 Bike Ambulances launched in Delhi to navigate through cramped streets and crowded lanes

16 Bike Ambulances launched in Delhi to navigate through cramped streets and crowded lanes

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

The Delhi government, on Thursday, launched 16 bike ambulances to navigate through congested lanes and by-lanes in Delhi. These motorcycle ambulances were launched along with small ambulance vans. They aim to cut the response time of medics by half. These bikes will ensure that medical assistance can cut through heavy traffic and reach patients on time.

What's the update?

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal along with Health Minister Satyendra Jain, launched the fleet of 16 motorcycle ambulances from New Delhi Secretariat this Thursday. These motorcycles are known as the First Responder Vehicles, they are expected to cut through the traffic and provide relief to the patients even before the ambulance can reach them.

The Facts

These bike ambulances can be called through the old distress number 102. They come equipped with a portable oxygen cylinder, first aid kit and dressing materials to bandage up injured patients, air-splints to immobilize joints, glucometer to check sugar levels, pulse oximeter to check oxygen saturation levels, Ambu bag for assisted breathing, a manual suction machine to clear the airway for easier breathing, and foldable transfer sheets that can be used to carry patients through cramped stairways or lanes to the ambulance.

Whom does it benefit?

The bike ambulances are specifically launched to target three congested districts of East, Northeast Delhi and Shahdara. They aim to save time and become prudent in saving lives of patients who are in need of immediate attention. They will prove especially beneficial during road accidents, heart attacks and choking incidents, where time is of the essence.

Why is it important?

Often ambulances gets stuck in the infamous Delhi traffic jams and it leads to the condition of patient worsening. The bike ambulances will make sure that even if the ambulance is late in reaching the site of emergency, the patients get required medical attention. It will also ensure that response time to any distress call is shortened.

Knock Knock

The bike ambulances are a much welcome addition to the response vehicle fleets. Often patients who require immediate medical attention are left stranded because of several factors, traffic being a major one. These motorcycles will make that redundant and will also create a strong fleet of First Responders in the city. Let’s hope that more such vehicles and bikes are launched, not only in Delhi but other parts of the country as well.