2500 Patrolling marshals to make DTC buses safer for women in Delhi

2500 Patrolling marshals to make DTC buses safer for women in Delhi

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Men, women, children and people from all walks of life make use of the public transport in Delhi. Notably, the DTC is one of the biggest and most vast network of public transport buses in the country as it connects almost all areas in the city.

The service however is not at a lack of issues and one of the more pressing problems is the fact that women don’t feel very safe in the buses. The authorities seem to have taken heed of this and are looking to make DTC more friendly towards women. Here’s how they plan to accomplish that.

2500 Patrolling marshals to make DTC buses safer for women in Delhi

What’s the update?

A large number of women use the DTC on a daily basis. They may be workers, students, house wives, but the DTC is one place where they all come together. Only last year, the number of harassment and molestation cases in the buses reached a peak, which led the authorities to seriously rethink the aspect of women’s safety in public transport.

The number of shocking and bone shaking incidents are just too high and owing to this, the authorities are looking to draw a new blueprint that solely revolves around tackling issues that ladies face while commuting.

What is the plan to make the buses safer?

For one, talks and plans to have proctors in all evening buses are making the rounds. In the evening itself, the footfall is at its highest and a large number of commuters are women of all ages. To protect them, the goal is to employ around 3,000 marshals who will be situated in the buses that see the maximum amount of women travellers.

The marshals will be specially trained in the basic techniques of protecting women. Several of these marshals will be women, which should help them feel safer.

Apart from that, another plan is to study the behaviour of existing marshals, bus drivers, conductors and even passengers. Following the study, a report will be compiled which will allow the authorities to ascertain a specific area or a time where having marshals present could be crucial.

As of now, this project has gained a high priority as it concerns a large number of women as well as Delhiites in general.