300 SmartBikes in Delhi to help cleanse the air!

300 SmartBikes in Delhi to help cleanse the air!

Delhi government is on the fast track to tackle two birds with one stone. With the new and upcoming smart bikes, they aim to take down pollution and encourage healthy lifestyle.

300 SmartBikes in Delhi to help cleanse the air!

Delhi’s smart bikes are on their way and just like in Hyderabad, they can be accessed by pretty much anyone who has the app. They will be placed at strategic locations across the city for everyone to make use of. The SmartBikes will have stops at every 3-4 kilometres, making it convenient for you to park it if you’re near your destination.

The move has been under works for quite some time now and with the new year around the corner, the government aims to make the service available to commuters very soon. NDMC will have 300 SmartBikes for you to traverse the city in style- while preserving the environment. The bikes will be available for rent from 23 bicycle stations in the city and one can easily cover short distances in central Delhi.

The bicycles can be connected to via an app. The app is used for registration on to the programme for a mere ₹1. At commencement, the bike stations will be manned by experts who will guide users through the process of using the stations and the three geared bikes. Eventually, the plan is to make it a completely unmanned, seamless network.

If you’re into preserving the environment and staying healthy, this service is one you should definitely make use of. An air pollution free Delhi is a healthy Delhi!

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