5 cafes near Amity where you can grab a delicious meal for two at ₹500

5 cafes near Amity where you can grab a delicious meal for two at ₹500

Amity is a hub for all that is happening in Noida, anything and everything that has a little bit of “chill” is somehow related to Amity. And often when we are “hanging out” and looking to chill at some place we look towards the cheaper end of the spectrum. ‘Cuz Student = Broke. So, here’s a list of the best cafes near Amity that are affordable and chill AF.


If you’re looking for a good Tea cafe or whatever we call it, this place is it. Tpot is a saviour for all college students, imagine getting a full meal of rice and chicken for just under ₹200. We especially love ordering their strawberry shake and pasta combo or a meri wali chai paired with bun maska and chatpata aloo masala sandwich.

Cost for two: ₹350


Though, a little on the expensive side, Adda126 in sector 126 is our favourite spot to hangout with friends and get some good grub. The cafe is ‘chic’ it is quirky and we are in love with the tractor-esque tables. The food here is so good you’d think it was expensive. If you’re here do try their, tamatar-tulsi-bruschetta, chicken tikka and cheese nachos, butter chicken rissoto with garlic croutons and our favourite chicken tikka and cheese bruschetta with mint mayo drizzle. Yummm.

Cost for two: ₹550

The Courtyard Cafe

Probably one of the cutest and the most simplistic of all the places around, The Courtyard Cafe is an absolute dream. You will not find a cafe around the town with better interiors and calming colour scheme, the minty blue and white gives the cafe a beachy vibe and we’re all for it. Though, a little bit on the pricey end, the food makes up for the cost. Do try their Mango Cheesecake, Brownie Shake and Baked fries.

Cost for two: ₹650

Cafe Pathshala

Run by ex-Amitians, this cafe is the coolest hangout place in town. You’ll find some of the most delicious burgers, pasta, pizza, shakes and wraps here. The place as a relaxing and chill vibe around it and you can be here to chomp on all the deliciousness.

Cost for two: ₹500

Top Knosh

After a long day full of boring lectures, Top Knosh is feels like a paradise. If you’re looking for a place to hog on exceptional Indian food or feed you bukkhad friends this is the place to be. Nosh on some succulent butter chicken and soft naan for a perfect night out.

Cost for two: ₹550

So next time you’re cutting a class and looking for a place to “hang”, check the list and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.