Soon, buses in Delhi to use Hydrogen CNG fuel; 1,000 new electric buses to be added to the fleet

Soon, buses in Delhi to use Hydrogen CNG fuel; 1,000 new electric buses to be added to the fleet

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

There's no denying that Delhi's public transport is one of the best in the country. If you don't have your own means of transport, the buses or metros are bound to take you to your destination and in such a way that you'll be comfortable and doing the environment some good as well.

Now, to make buses in Delhi more fuel efficient the authorities plan to have 50 buses that use a Hydrogen mixed fuel and aim to get 2,000 electric buses in the next two years.

As of now, many buses that are part of the DTC fleet run on either Diesel or CNG. Now, the Delhi government is doing one better by making use of a special Hydrogen mixed fuel. The deal now is that the hydrogen fuel will be mixed with the existing CNG, making Hydro-enriched CNG (HCNG).

As of now, the infrastructure for making the buses work with this fuel is being installed in 50 buses. These 50 buses will act as trials to gauge the response from the public and to check the impact it has on the environment as a whole.

Following this, it will be implemented on a wider basis. As per reports, HCNG is much more efficient and cheaper fuel. Not only does it help conserve the environment, but it also helps the authorities save more money which can further be spent on improving facilities for the commuters.

The fuel cuts down on several major pollutants and harmful gases that are increasingly polluting the environment day by day. To generate this environment-friendly fuel, several plants will have to be set up, which will be done by November, according to reports.

This could mean that we'll see these buses on the roads only by next year. In another move to make the buses in Delhi more beneficial to the environment, the government plans to induct 2,000 new electric buses in the fleet. This will give way to a more futuristic means of transport while keeping the environment clean and will also pave the way for more electric vehicles in the future.

As per the reports, the first 1,000 buses are already being put into use and the other 1,000 buses will be inducted in the next year. These moves by the Delhi government are stepping stones to a brighter, eco-friendly future that will surely help us in creating a sustainable future.