A new 300 metre walkway now connects Blue & Aqua Line Metro stations

A new 300 metre walkway now connects Blue & Aqua Line Metro stations

The new walkway is here to make matters easy!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Both Aqua Line and Blue Line Metro stations are some of the most crowded and highly used metro routes. These metro routes extend to opposite ends of the city, and yet, manage to meet at one point, where passengers can interchange metro lines. This interchange between the metro routes at Aqua Line's Sector 51 station and Blue Line's Sector 52 station will become much easier as NMRC has set up a 300 metre walkway between the two stations.

What's the buzz?

The interchange between both the metro lines was highly inconvenient, which is why the new walkway is beneficial for all. Earlier, commuters would have to get out of one metro, walk all the way to the other metro stations, buy a ticket once again and only then would they be able to board the a metro for another route.

With the help of the walkway, interchange between the two lines will become a whole lot easier, less time consuming and more efficient for all. In addition to that, the walkways have dedicated e-rickshaws, which happen to be solar powered. So if you're in a hurry, just hop on in one of these and you're good to go.

Whom will it benefit?

A new 300 metre walkway now connects Blue & Aqua Line Metro stations

This is one move that will benefit all the users of this route, no matter how frequent. If anyone is travelling from Noida or Greater Noida to Delhi, then the Aqua Line to Blue line transition is the best, and cheapest way to do so. With the help of the new walkway, changing metro lines won't even be that big a deal.

At any rate, this is one step that brings Delhi Metro closer to becoming a better and more convenient metro rail system.

Knock Knock

The interchange of stations between Aqua and Blue line was one of the major issues plaguing the extended Blue Line and the Aqua Line. Thus. the new walkway, is here to give some ease to the metro users.