After bicycles it is e-scooters for Delhi Metro’s  green push

After bicycles it is e-scooters for Delhi Metro’s green push

Delhi metro continues to push for greener and more eco-friendly options

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Delhi metro has been pushing for greener and cleaner means of transportation and in their attempts, they recently introduced bicycle stands and bicycle sharing at most of the metro stations. This was done to ensure that people who want to actively make a change for the betterment of the environment have a choice. After the very laud-worthy move, the Delhi Metro has now decided to introduce e-scooters.

What’s the update?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation introduces e-scooter service for a better, greener and a more sustainable last mile connectivity option. The e-scooter service will be available at five major metro stations that experience heavy footfall from young people.

The Facts

The stations include Mandi House, Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus, Vishvavidyalaya, Nehru Enclave and Dwarka Sector 9.

These e-scooters will be a tad bit expensive than the cycles, passengers will have to pay ₹1 per kilometer for the scooter and it would run at a speed no more than 25 kilometers per hour, TOI reports.

DMRC also plans to introduce fully docked cycle stands which will serve as feeder for last mile connectivity and satellite cycle stands near major residential areas.

After bicycles it is e-scooters for Delhi Metro’s  green push

How will it be done?

DMRC plans to introduce cycle stands and e-scooters at most metro stations. These cycle stands will be operated by a dedicated mobile application. Passengers would be able to generate QR codes and unlock a bicycle or scooter. The passengers can then ride these eco friendly vehicles and drop them off at a satellite station near their home. Pick their rides for the satellite stations and drop them at the nearest metro station.

Knock Knock

With the introduction of these cycle and bicycle stands, DMRC aims to reduce vehicular pollution. With one major cycle stand at every metro station and at least 4 satellite stations near residential areas.

Though 19 of Delhi metro’s most prominent stations already have these cycle stands, with the expansion of cycle stands and new scooter stands available near residential areas DMRC aims to promote a better way of travelling. Let’s hope people make better use of the opportunity given to them and these stands materialize soon.