Agape by Ela Baijal is based on the Twin Flame Ideology and it is unconditionally romantic!

Agape by Ela Baijal is based on the Twin Flame Ideology and it is unconditionally romantic!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Very rarely do we come across stories of love which are beyond cliches and keeps us looped in for a long time even after the story ended.

What is the book all about?

It is story of a twin flame couple, Elan and Alena. Despite their heart-breaking pasts, they still give in to their need to find love again.

This story is about their struggles, about them battling their fears in order to love each other selflessly. It describes their journey, of how they win their lives back and how they tread a beautiful path together. They shape not only each other but also the world around them; making it a better place to live in.

Agape is a story of love, life, and detachment. It takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Expressing that challenges can help people to emerge all powerful if they have faith and undying love for one other.

This book basically conveys that your relationship with yourself is the blueprint to connect to others and how.

About Ela Baijal- the author!

With an in-depth experience of 22 years in the academic field and appreciated by many for her passionate flare in writing, Ela Baijal is a teacher, facilitator and a mentor!

Starting with poems, blogs and self-help articles, Ela Baijal has skill fully published her debut novel which seems like a work of a maven!

In a conversation with Ela, we dug deep into her inspirations and aspirations.

"I am an observer and I have been observing that many relationships are falling apart. Friendships are breaking. People are in pain and agony. These chaos inspired me to write a book. As I firmly believe that there is a beautiful link between human relationships & soul connections. It has been my personal experience that unconditional love despite the challenges and struggles leads a person on a path of peace and happiness. So I decided to share my experiences and thoughts with people. To tell them to hang in there and never to give up."

Why this book is highly recommended-

"I feel the simplicity of human relationships is based on the foundation of SELF love, selfless love and faith in divine. If relationship with the SELF improves; gradually the expectations and dependence on others reduce. Life gets much smoother and less lonely. This is what I am communicating through the story of Agape- An Awakening to Unconditional Love. I would say that the USP of my book is the simple story-line giving very profound message to rekindle existing relationships in a new light."

A message for the aspiring writers-

"Just do it. If you have thoughts you feel are worth sharing, do not over think or procrastinate on the idea. Have the courage and conviction to go ahead with it."

Further Ela also mentioned, "love is an energy and we are love; it is not something we can get only from others, it is what our souls are 'made of'. This belief can transform all our relationships with others too- to work from love with in. Doing inner work to believe in SELF LOVE."

So if you're looking to read and buy this piece of art which is a must-have, check it out here. This is a sliver of inspiration which might just change your life for the better.