Attend this Doggie Valentine's Party with your one & only because it'll be all sorts of pawsome

Pet parents, if you've been wishing your doggos on Valentine's Day every year because you hail them as your one and only Valentine, then you're probably a part of our gang! The amount of love we have for our doggos cannot be comprehended by our mere mortal words and the love we receive in return, is irreplaceable and unconditional.

So to celebrate your fluffy baby's priceless existence and the bond of deep-dyed love you both share, Delhi is hosting a Doggie Bazaar focused on a Doggie Valentine's Party and we can't simply wait to be a part of this epic upcoming day!

What's Happening?

On the 16th of February, head to the Auro Kitchen and Bar at around 3 PM to be a part of Doggie Bazaar and it's gonna be just one of the many ways to showcase your unconditional love for your four-legged baby. After all, it's Valentine's month and we could all do with a lil' extra love anytime!

There will be fun games to participate in and exciting prizes to be won and it'll be a day worth a dear-diary moment. There'll be a special canine behaviourist for your mutts and also a training session for the hoomans, for all their doggie related queries! This bazaar, will also be setting up stalls of festive season collections pertaining to your pet's apparels and accessories and shopping so if you've been wanting to grab some stuff for your doggo, you'll probably find it here.

Doggie Bazaar is even offering complimentary grooming and massage sessions for your pets, brought to you specially by Pet Pipers and we are honestly, a tad bit surprised, pleasantly of course, with all such stunning offers which are hard to miss out on!

Incase your baby gets hungry, you can come over to their exclusive 'Paw Petisserie' to snag some stellar doggo-friendly desserts and they'll surely be wanting for more, like always. To wrap it all up, you will be handed out complimentary goodie bags and gift hampers for your doggos and all of this should be an alluring enough reason for you to step out with a leash in your hands on the 16th.

Knock Knock

This V-Day party will truly be all sorts of pawsome and we can't wait to head over with our pooches, for their share of fun and our share of happiness. Even if you don't have a fur baby, you can just come over and sit amidst the umpteen licks and wags this place will offer. So come over with your fur babies and let the good times roll because it's not everyday that your pet can partayyy with you!

Location: Auro Kitchen & Bar, Delhi

Date & Timings:16th February, 3 PM onwards

Book your tickets here.

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