Brownie Shawarmas in Khan Market are here to make you drool!

Brownie Shawarmas in Khan Market are here to make you drool!

Imagine if the Avengers got hold of these!

Get ready to redefine what you thought was a normal brownie. Or a normal shawarma. Picture this - a shawarma grill with loads of meat on it. Think about how it rotates around, getting heated from the back. Now replace the meat with chocolate brownies. Lots of chocolate brownies. That’s exactly what Civil House is giving you- brownie shawarma.

Putting a spin on classic shawarmas and chocolate brownies, Civil House in Khan Market is providing a new twist and taste to age-old brownies. The brownie shawarma is one of the most unique and new concepts that we have seen in a while and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Served with delicious chocolate sauce or any other syrup of your liking, this will soon become a go to place for you and your friends looking for a quirky offbeat sweet dish. Not only syrups and sweet sauces, the exquisite shawarma is also served with ice creams such as Rose Petal ice cream to give it a more varied and heavenly taste.

So if you’re in Khan Market out shopping, be on the lookout for one of the most eye catching shawarma stalls out there. Certainly, it will make you wonder of the endless possibilities of mixing sweets with classic meat dishes, all while you relish a one of a kind brownie shawarma for just 650 bucks! Be sure to catch the brownie while it lasts from 11:30AM to 11:30PM.