Delhi metro

Check this common mobility app that lets you track DTC buses and Delhi Metro train schedule 

Public transport in Delhi is very important for the citizens of Delhi. The DTC buses are great for going to places where the metro doesn’t take you and the Delhi Metro is the best way to traverse long distances in the city. We all know the pain of just standing and waiting for the buses or trains and to tackle that, Delhi Government has launched an app that allows you to track the live location of public transport.

The app is called One Delhi and it has come as a boon for the residents of the national capital. The goal of the app is to connect the public transports widely used by Delhiites and bring it all under one the roof. In the app, you can see the complete routes of all buses and metro lines, the approximate fare and even get a live location of the nearest bus or metro to you.

Apart from that, the app also provides more information on fares and helps recharge metro cards and DTC cards on the go. At its core, it will help manage your travels and make everything more efficient and integrated into the app.

Two extended routes of the Delhi metro have recently been inaugurated and they too have been added to the app. The extended route, for the first time, covers Ghaziabad while the Blue Line metro connects more areas in Noida.

Delhi metro is really transforming and is bringing more convenience to Delhiites everyday. With apps like this one, making use of public transport is much easier and gives a hassle-free commute experience.