Comrades! Head over today to “bayaasi number”, the May Day Bookstore & Cafe!

Comrades! Head over today to “bayaasi number”, the May Day Bookstore & Cafe!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Have an off today? Well, then you can totally plan out 2-3 hours at this place which is all about books, ahhhmazing coffee and music! If it is sounding like a regular cafe to you at this point, then you are in for a surprise, comrade!

Started by the Leftword Publishing House, May Day Bookstore & Cafe is a cozy and a spacious bookstore, with an exhaustive collection of books and memorabilia.

Comrades! Head over today to “bayaasi number”, the May Day Bookstore & Cafe!

More than just a cafe!

This is a unique left-wing niche bookstore and pay-what-you-like cafe started by a group of theatre enthusiasts who have successfully maintained the chill vibes here!

It was named the May Day Bookstore and Cafe after the day of its official launch, May 1, which is celebrated as International Workers’ Day as well. This place also houses a performance space adjacent to the bookstore, by the renowned leftist performance group Jana Natya Manch! May Day Bookstore and Cafe is more than just a coffee place- it is a community space for all, focused on literature and performing arts, cloaked in an old world charm. Here you’ll find all sorts of books- old and new, common and rare, the possibilities are endless and it isn’t just for a specific strata of the society.

Here you’ll find even the rikshewale bhaiyyas coming in anytime, to fill their bottles or to just watch the Hindi plays which are free for them and anyone can leave anytime, if it isn’t too appealing. No questions asked!

May Day Bookstore and Cafe is actually about empowering and working for the local businesses and communities so that everyone can be a part of the social fabric Delhi has!

Comrades! Head over today to “bayaasi number”, the May Day Bookstore & Cafe!

Save the Date!

If you’re in Dilli today, you can attend their 3rd anniversary which will be celebrated from 3 pm to 8:30 pm at the premises in Shadi Khampur!

You can also avail snacks to keep your tummy busy while browsing through some dirt-cheap yet exclusive collection of books available here! They’ll be putting up extensive collection of books on discount for you to grab that’ll sport May Day stickers on them- how cool is all this shizz?

Raghu Ram (no points for guessing who because legit EVERYONE knows him)
has performed every year since May Day’s inception and he will be back this year as well.

There will be theatrical performances by Atelier, The Tadpole Repertory, Mallika Taneja, and the Space Theatre Ensemble and there will be tributes to other fallen comrades, Gunter Grass and Eduardo Galeano. If you’re not into such heavy performances, there is also a book sale which will allow you to buy good books at slashed prices.

This year’s event has been dedicated to Sabeen Mahmud, the Pakistani human rights worker who was recently shot dead because of her work, and who ran a similar space, The Second Floor (T2F), in Karachi.

Comrades! Head over today to “bayaasi number”, the May Day Bookstore & Cafe!

Oh, BTW!

If you’re a baker or just a generous soul, you can get your own baked goodies for everyone and they’ll serve it to all the attendees- so you can actually bake someone’s day! Also, if you’re a musician or just want to strum the chords out of love, you should go early to get a slot to perform there as well.

They don’t have a typical cafe menu at all- just some cookies and chai/coffee so don’t go hungry!

Location: 2254/2A, Ground Floor, Shadi Khampur, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi

Entry: FREE!

Timings: 11am - 8pm