Creating a ruckus in Delhi metro can now cost you a fine and a lot more

Creating a ruckus in Delhi metro can now cost you a fine and a lot more

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Ever come across a group of friends who are being a little too loud and disrespectful or your baju wali aunty fighting a little bit too hard for the seat, now there’s a fine for that. *Bless the lord* Delhi Metro rail Corporation (DMRC) is now charging a fine of ₹200 for people who quarrel and create ruckus inside the metro complex.

What’s the update?

The metro rail corporation had levied a fine of half a thousand bucks for people who create nuisance in the metro. The daily commute is often so grilling and tiresome that tempers flare and people lose their cool and often drunk, high and notorious people make travelling an even drilling experience for the locals. Which is why the law has been much needed.

The New Rules

DMRC’s new set of rules have penalised creating a scene in the metro complex, but that is not it. The metro corporation took to Twitter to let people know about the new rules and here’s a few that you must know about:

1. Quarreling or creating ruckus in the metro will cost you ₹200.

2. Unlawfully obstruct train and train doors and you’ll have to pay ₹5,000 (no that’s not a typo)

3. If you’re found travelling without a ticket, you’ll be charged the maximum fare plus ₹50 extra

4. If you’re found entering the women coach, you’ll have to pay a fine of ₹250

5. Harming or Defacing the metro property will cost you ₹200

6. If you refuse to be removed by the metro officials, you’ll have to pay an extra ₹500 other than the fine for which you’re being removed.

There are a bunch of other laws and fines that you’ll have to pay, so make sure to check DMRC’s official Twitter handle and mind your behaviour the next time you’re travelling via metro.