Dandy- The FIO Bar in Nehru Place, Delhi, is where the cocktails are worth the hype

Dandy- The FIO Bar in Nehru Place, Delhi, is where the cocktails are worth the hype

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

An intimate space with light background music, dim lighting and brilliant cocktails, Dandy- The FIO Bar is where you should go if you're feeling fancy!

This restro-bar is tastefully done up with a variety of seating arrangements and is stocked with flashy bottles, which add a nice touch to the whole décor. The entire space is packed with greenery, which breathes a refreshing break into the concrete monotony we're accustomed to.

Fio’s USP would definitely be their cocktails. Though we had to wait a bit for the mixologist to arrive, the drinks were completely worth our time, money and the hype. The cocktails were oh-so Instagrammable and the outside sitting area, also adds a generous sliver of character to this place.

Dandy- The FIO Bar in Nehru Place, Delhi, is where the cocktails are worth the hype

On our Table!

Fiore 7/10

Grandee Dandy 8/10

Hey Juniper 9/10

Goat Cheese Phyllo Taza 8/10

Amritsari Fish 9/10

Spitfire Chicken 9/10

Broccoli Beetroot Sliders 7/10

Oyster Chicken 10/10

Pepperoni Pizza 9/10

Flourless Chocolate Cake 10/10

Service: The servers we quite polite, prompt and ready to help.

Portion: The appetizers had 4 pieces each, whereas the main course and dessert was good enough for 2 people.

What we're saying is-

DANDY- The Fio Bar is one of the finest places to go to, if you want to spend time with friends, at the beginning of the month or to treat your significant other.

The ambience is a nice break from the generic places of the same league and the food is also top-notch, so no complaints about the money we spent.

The Oyster Chicken served on skewers was the perfect start to our meal followed by the Broccoli and Beetroot Sliders which were like tiny burgers. The Chicken Spitfire was a unanimous favourite, everything about that appetizer was perfect and left us drooling for more.

The Goat Cheese Phyllo Taza was a staff recommendation and it was a refreshing change of taste and texture, compared to the previous dishes we had tasted.

The Pepperoni Pizza was just the way we like it- packed with pepperoni at every bite, we hogged on this greedily!

If you like fish, the Amritsari Fish is a must-have here and we bet that it'll become your favourite! The fish was tender, fresh and well marinated, which led to the spices seeping into the meaty parts of it, thus pushing it to the top of our list.

We tasted three of the DANDY signature cocktails.

Fiore- a pretty purple vodka based cocktail with homemade elderflower cordial, Grandee Dandy- coconut fat washed whiskey based cocktail and our personal favourite, Hey Juniper, which is a concoction of elderflower infused gin, honey mandarin liqueur and dry vermouth.

Finally, the flourless chocolate cake was the ultimate cheat-day dessert. We took a bite and instantly were foodgasming! Served with vanilla ice-cream, this dish is what dreams are made of.

Head over to enjoy a Saturday night with BAE or just plan a meet with the squad and introduce them to this world of stellar fancy-schmancy cocktails!

Location: Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place

Timings: 6pm – 1am

Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol