Delhi government announces free Wi-Fi & 15 GB monthly data for all, from 16th December

Delhi government announces free Wi-Fi & 15 GB monthly data for all, from 16th December

Delhi will soon become the first city in world to provide free data to its residents

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Living in the national capital sure has its perks. The city is big, there are good job opportunities and when it comes to chilling, the alcohol here is also pretty cheap. So when thinking of moving or, of looking for a better life somewhere other than your hometown, most people have Delhi pretty high up on their lists. According to the newly surfaced news, it seems like Delhi surely has become a coveted example of an ideal lifestyle.

Delhi government has just announced free wifi for all the residents of the city, with a monthly data cap at 15 GB per person and we're pretty shook!

What's the update?

Delhi will soon become the first city in the entire world to have free Wifi for all its residents. The Arvind Kejriwal lead government has promised the installation of 100 free wifi hotspots from 16th December 2019. It has also been promised that the Delhi government will be installing 11,000 free wifi hotspots in the near future.

The initiative has been taken with accordance to AAP government's poll promises of providing free wifi, water and electricity to the residents and make Delhi a world class city.

After the installation and inauguration of the initial 100 wifi hotspots, another 500 hotspots will be installed each week, making sure that Delhi has 11,000 hotspots within six-months.

Of the 11,000 free hotspots, 4,000 hotspots will be set-up at bus stops, 7,000 in local markets, residential welfare associations and various other places in the city. Every constituent assembly will have 100 wifi hotspots each and the entire project will cost the Delhi government ₹100 crores.

How will it work?

New Delhi-India Gate
New Delhi-India Gate

For the government, the wifi scheme will be a rent-based model and the city will pay for each hotspot to the company monthly. After being installed each hotspot will provide internet within a radius of 100 metres. With a speed of 100-150 MBPS, all residents will get a limit of 15 GB a month or 1.5 GB daily free data.

To use the wifi, every resident will have to download a specific app, after which you'll have to enter you KYC or know your customer details. The wifi connection will be activated by an OTP and would automatically switch to a different hotspot.

Knock Knock

Unlike what most people would believe, internet has become a basic necessity of our lives, much like food shelter and electricity. The free wifi scheme will not only help in taking care of this modern day necessity but will provide the less privileged with a world of new information. We hope that the Delhi's new city model is followed by other states and cities across the country. Way to go Delhi!