Delhi Police just launched it’s very first Mobile Control Room 

Delhi Police just launched it’s very first Mobile Control Room 

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Delhi police just launched its first ever Mobile Control Room and it is a blessing in the guise of an AC bus. The mobile control room is built inside a bus and is expected to be pivotal for patrolling huge public gatherings/events and establishing strong communication on the go.

What is the update?

In a laud worthy move, a mobile control room was launched on March 19 by Delhi Police Chief, Amul Patnaik. The launch took place at the communication headquarter, Shalimar Bagh, North Delhi. The mobile control room is built within a CNG run bus.

What does this Mobile Control Room entail?

The mobile control room has been built inside a bus and it is equipped with several modern technological amenities including an integrated communication system, CCTV surveillance, public announcement system and a conference room. The mobile control room is built so that it can be sent n the road for a better communication in places where reaching or asking for help is very difficult, if not mostly impossible.

Delhi Police just launched it’s very first Mobile Control Room 

Why is it important?

The launch of the control room aims to provide a smooth communication line, even in areas where it is not a possibility. Establishing a fluent and reliable source of communication can prove to be pivotal in avoiding ruckus and track any criminal activity or mishap during large public gatherings like Republic Day Parades or Independence Day processions.

A Delhi police spokesperson was also quoted as saying that the bus will also play a significant role in traffic management, election arrangements and various other kinds of emergency requirements.

Knock Knock

Not only will the mobile control room help the police establish a better communication network, it will also serve as central command centre during an emergency or terror attack. The mobile control room can directly call for rapid deployment and send for rescue/relief teams quicker than usual. Let’s hope we can see several more of these in other cities and states as well.