Delhi shivers at 7 degrees, December coldest in the last two decades

Delhi shivers at 7 degrees, December coldest in the last two decades

Temperatures drop in the National Capital making Delhi coldest in two decades

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

While Delhi has been in news lately for the rising tempers and protests the temperature in the National Capital has been a chilly one. Though famous for its chilly winters, the 'Dilli ki sardi' this time around has crossed several thresholds. Temperatures in the capital have been on the lower end of the scale making Delhi the coldest it has been in decades.

With the temperatures in one digits, Delhi has been shivering from a couple of days. The city was last this cold over a 20 years ago and here why we've been freezing to our bones.

What's the update?

Delhi shivers at 7 degrees, December coldest in the last two decades
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According to recent updates Delhi has been struck by hot chocolate and bonfire temperatures. In the initial days of December, Delhi has been unusually cold. The maximum temperatures have reached an average of 22.7 degree Celsius, which is incidentally 1.6 degrees below normal.

The city recorded 7 degrees Celsius temperature on Wednesday morning, making it one of the chilliest days in the city so far. It has been a while, 22 years to be exact, since the temperatures in Delhi have not touched 25 degrees. Though, night temperature in the national capital have been close to normal.

The reason?

Reports for the Met department have suggested that it is likely to remain this cold and get colder with time, not just for the national capital but for the neighbouring cities and states as well.

Western disturbances have been attributed to this fall in temperature and the early onset of winter. For several days, the minimum temperature has been in single digits, though the Met department has predicted clearer skies for the coming week, it is likely to get colder and foggier as the time passes.

Knock Knock

The temperature in Delhi is expected to remain on the lower end of the scale with no relief in sight. Winters are already upon us and Delhi is in the thick of it all, hence we would advise our readers to practice caution and protect themselves from the increasing chill.