Delhi's odd-even scheme leads to a rise in daily Aqua Line footfall

Delhi's odd-even scheme leads to a rise in daily Aqua Line footfall

Travelling via the Aqua Line metro? Brace yourself for the rush hour chaos!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

With the new odd even rule that was put in place a few days back, Delhi has turned on its own head. People are making use of metros and public transport more than ever and owing to this, metro train frequency has also risen quite a bit. One metro route that has seen a massive spike in footfall is Noida Metro's Aqua Line, which was inaugurated earlier this year.

But, the Aqua Line metro is not the only metro line to register a rise in ridership, other metro lines in the NCR have also seen a significant change in ridership trends.

What's the update?

When the odd even rule came in place yesterday, almost 15 lakh private vehicles remained off the roads in Delhi. People around Delhi took to alternative means of transportation to aid their commute, the metro, along with DTC buses came as the saviour. Noida's Aqua Line metro especially saw an increased spike in footfall due to the same.

In many cases, metro stations had to be fitted with extra metal and bag scanners, just to accommodate the increased number of travellers. Chattarpur Metro station was one station where this problem was rampant. As far as Aqua Line metro is concerned, the footfall was quite high, however, such a problem was diverted.

Delhi's odd-even scheme leads to a rise in daily Aqua Line footfall

As of now, NMRC (Noida Metro Rail Corporation) or the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) hasn't released the footfall figures, but they have stated that they were prepared for such a situation to arise. In line with that, the metro authorities have also increased the frequency of trains as well as the number of trips. Using 294 trains, the DMRC is running over 5,000 trips in a day. Additionally, they have also employed new staff for security and overseeing of operations.

Delhi metro veterans, who have been using the metro for a long time also reported never seen before chaos, especially at Blue line and Aqua line stations. These two routes comprise of the longest stretch of the metro and though the metro sees a respectable number of daily commuters, the odd-even rule has spurred a new record.

Knock Knock

Often, we take the metro in NCR for granted, but in times like these, we realise that the metro is actually a life saver. The odd even rule has had an interesting impact on how people in Delhi travel now. At any rate, the odd even scheme is here to last for two more weeks, so opt for the greener mode of transportation and brace yourself for the chaos!