Did you know? Women can now travel for FREE in Delhi’s DTC and cluster busses

Did you know? Women can now travel for FREE in Delhi’s DTC and cluster busses

In a pickle during the odd-even scheme? Hop on the busses

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

If you're a female commuter, you know that travelling in a city like Delhi is nothing short of going to war. We have so much to think of and about, from safety, convenience and ease to speed. Yet, nothing beats our worries of how we're going to commute during the odd-even days.

So if you've been worried sick about all the money spent on the daily commute and how is it that you're going to travel till 15th, we have some news for you. The Delhi government announced recently, that travelling via DTC and cluster busses in Delhi has been made free for all women commuting in the city.

What's the update?

Making commute hassle free for the residents of Delhi has been high up on the list of civic authorities and the Delhi government. Keeping in line with their proposal to make travelling free and safe for women in the city, the Delhi government on October 29, announced that women can now travel via the DTC and cluster busses free of cost.

While free metro rides might take some more time, Delhi government delivers on the road travel arrangements being made safer and free now.

How will it be done?

On entering the busses, women will be given individual pink passes which will help them ensure a free and single journey on the DTC or cluster busses. Since women account for one third of total bus passengers, the government has also decided to deploy 13,000 marshals that will ensure the safety of these women. These safety marshals will also be trained to help the sick and deal with emergency situations.

The pink passes will not only make sure that the women have a free journey but will also carry messages of female empowerment on them, reports TOI.

Knock Knock

The move to make bus rides free and safer for women is laud-worthy. This will not only ensure that women don't have to burn a hole in their pockets just to travel, but will also help many during the odd-even phase.

We hope this is another step towards making commute safe and free for the entire city and not just half of the population.