Extreme heat and dust storm predicted for Delhi today

Extreme heat and dust storm predicted for Delhi today

Intense heat and dust storm is predicted for the national capital with no other significant changes in the weather conditions

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

The weather in Delhi that has been unforgiving for the past few days might take a turn for the worse. The temperature that crossed the normal mark by 2-3 degrees for this season was recorded at 43 degrees Celsius on Monday and went upto 44 on Tuesday. If the weather forecast is to be believed today is going to be even hotter.

What’s the update?

The unforgiving heat streak continues in Delhi with the temperatures likely going above the 42 and 43 degree mark. A dust storm is likely to develop in the city with rising heat and the wind speed may go up to 40 kms per hour.

A senior met official was quoted by TOI as stating that the temperature at Safdarjung station will likely remain at 43 degrees while in the other parts of the city it will go beyond that mark.

Heat wave conditions may also be recorded in the city.

Extreme heat and dust storm predicted for Delhi today

What to expect?

Locals can expect a heavy dust storm and a “very poor” air quality with the dust particles making the air more unbreathable than usual. The AQI which was recorded at 273 on Tuesday is expected to go above the 300 mark in some areas in Delhi today.

There is no imminent relief from the heat though on Thursday the temperature might do down a notch or two because of slight chances of a thunderstorm.

How to cope with the heat?

Readers are advised to remain indoors and carry a mask and umbrella with them while going outside. Make sure to remain hydrated and apply sun protection lotion if you suffer from skin allergies related to heat and dust.